Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rowdy Busch VS Cousin Carl?

This past Sunday, a mere 6 days ago, an article came out about a potential rivalry between Kyle Busch and Carl Edwards. I remember reading this and laughing to myself being the Carl lover/Kyle hater that I am. Well, I just finished watching the Bristol race and I immediately thought about this article and had to find it online. Lets pull a few paragraphs from this article...... click here to read the whole thing

In fact, NASCAR could promote the hell out of it, a good-natured war of words and an almost WWE-like showdown between Cousin Carl, the Country Bumpkin vs. Rowdy Busch, the Vegas Villain.

Imagine the poster possibilities: Edwards wearing bib overalls with a hayseed stalk sticking out of his mouth staring down Busch, the new Man In Black with the wraparound dark sunglasses and black cowboy hat.

Good vs. evil, All-American boy vs. NASCAR's bad boy. It could be just what the Chase – which has taken its lumps the last couple of years – and NASCAR need.

SO, I hate to even go here but I have to sit here and wonder if NASCAR is capable of pulling off such a great publicity stunt. Carl, who did nothing wrong by any means when he "Bristol Bumped" Kyle to get the lead, ends up getting rammed after the checkered flag by Kyle. Then Dumbo had the nerve to call Carl Mr. Ed like (I admit, I laughed my ass off).

So, with what was written, how ironic were tonights altercations? Especially with Carls post race comment: "They keep talking about rivalries," Edwards said. "We might have one now."

Since Bono is still suspended (it isn't near as fun listening to MTJ without him) I found myself listening to Carl, Kyle and Regan Smith throughout the night. Carl and Kyle were not speaking ill of one another, in fact, they were talking about each others cars and what they had to do to get/keep the lead. Something smells fishy to me. I understand both of these boys have bad tempers but this was a little unexpected.

Personally, I would love to see this "WWE showdown"

Friday, August 22, 2008

Bono on Sirius-Blue Collar Radio Channel 103

Kevin "Bono" Manion- crew chief for the #1 Bass Pro Shops Chevorlet, did a guest interview on the NASCAR Fan show on Sirius channel 103. They talked about what exactly the crew chiefs/pit crew guys do in a week. From the minute they get to the track, to pre inspection, checking the car - as Bono says "from soup to nuts" and then right up to race day. The interview was very informative and fun to listen to! Kudos to Bono!!