Friday, January 23, 2009

24 and this is in no way a reference to Jeff Gordon

Just 24 short days till we go back into full swing with the Greatest American Race The Daytona 500. For fear that you,like us will be a little overwhelmed with the massive of name/car/team/ name it.. changes since Homestead-the Gods at Jayski has simplified it here. I got as far as #5 before I screwed it up so I do implore you to print this out and start studying. We have a lot of work to do!
In other news, it is pretty awesome to see our friend for who we will not name who is allegedly from Long Island, who could possibly own a new race team that we are not blogging about...well its nice to see his name in print :) And this definitely does not remind us about him...Good Luck to Jaeger Bombs and all our peeps in new positions/cars/teams/mascot uniforms, etc.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wine and we're talking!

David Reutimann will be sponsored by Beringer Vineyards for 5 Nationwide races this season. Two things I and Nascar. It isn't an oddity that you will find one of us @ a race, trying to sneak a cold one into the garage. Sometimes we look like this after we have had too much.
You can read more about it here on Cheers!

Hall of Fame First Class

NASCAR will induct five people each year into its Hall of Fame in Charlotte, N.C., beginning with the inaugural class in 2010.That's Racing breaks it nicely down here Just wondering who you would pick as a nominee for its first class? This may take a call to Uncle Pete for his thoughts as it will be years and years (at least I hope so) before we see anyone from today's circuit makes the cut. Just don't get me started on why these Hall of Fame activities aren't taking place in Daytona Beach.