Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Happy Hour

I am kicking off Happy Hour in true Alabama style with the Alabama Slammer. Enjoy this drink while following along with Happy Hour here!
If you were looking for an nonalcoholic Happy Hour drink, do Talladega Nights proud and get all jacked up on Mountain Dew.

Alabama Slammer
In a high ball, fill with Ice

1 oz
Southern Comfort®
1 oz
amaretto almond liqueur
1 oz sloe gin
Fill rest of the glass w/
orange juice

Stuck in Race Traffic??

Sweet Home Alabama! Where the skies are so blue!

Heading out early from Dega? Listen to "The RACE STATION" if you get stuck in race traffic! Thunder 92.7 FM WTDR/Talladega is home to Country Music's Legends but, as it is also a MRN affiliate you can keep you up to speed on the the Aarons 499!!

Check them out at:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You could work, or you could play this addicting game for a chance to win a signed Kevin Harvick hat!

Shell has joined forces with ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the morning and sponsored an online driving game called The Road Race. The great people at Shell have been nice enough to offer a contest for the fans of NASCAR Fashionistas! This contest will last for 1 week, starting today. Click here to play Road Race (or at the Keving Harvick widget located at the top of our page). Whoever sends a screen grab with the highest score to will win an authentic Kevin Harvick autographed Shell hat!

Players can choose between two cars that match the personalities of ESPN Radio's on-air talent: Mike Greenberg (flashy sports car) or Mike Golic (rugged SUV). Points are accumulated as the racer navigates their way through a race course trying to avoid gunk and potholes that decrease the score and grab any Shell gasoline cans or Nitrogen Enriched fuel drops that add to the total points. It’s pretty addictive, and a great way to break up the day. We haven't worked today thanks to this game but don't worry, we aren't taking your prize.

A Fast Lap with Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig

This week, the fashionistas stay true to our home track and bring you our Fast Lap with DIS President Robin Braig. I have known Robin for quite some time as the radio stations that I work for and the Speedway obviously do a lot of stuff together. No matter when I see him, even in the midst of a hectic Speedweek he always make sure that we are good and dont need anything, now who does that? He is a great guy and we are thankful and happy to have him do this feature, which by the way he sent our questions back in record time!

1. What music have you recently put on your iPod?
I'm old school-I don't have an iPod but there's plenty of Chesney, Buffet and Toby Keith in my CD Players

2. What was the last movie you saw in the theaters?
Haven't been to a theater in years-but enjoy my HBO Channels and recently watched the documentary on Ali and Frazier which was really interesting.

3. What are your favorite TV shows?
Deadliest Catch and I am intrigued with American Idol

4. What other sporting teams/events do you follow?
I worked for the Dodgers and the Golden State Warriors so I try to follow their seasons.

5. What is one personal item you can not live without?
My boat!

6. What are your favorite places to visit? (during the season and off
season for vacation)
The Bahamas, Keys and the entire East Coast of Florida

7. What is your favorite clothing brand?
8. What is your favorite book or publication?
I recently read A Pirate Looks as 50 by Jimmy Buffet-pretty good read.

9. What is your favorite activity to do in your off time?
I think you're seeing a trend here for me-boating of course!

10. What is your favorite cuisine?
Anything on the menu at a TGI Fridays

Next week we feature A Fast Lap with 2009 NASCAR Camping World Series West Driver
Moses Smith.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Talladega's International Motorsports Hall of Fame offers lots of fun for the fans this weekend.

Racing Celebrities Appearing at International Motorsports Hall of Fame The International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum (IMHOF) is a must-see attraction for race fans attending the April 24-26 Aaron’s Dream Weekend at Talladega Superspeedway. And, now there will be more than cars and memorabilia for fans to see to during race weekend.

On Friday, April 24, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame will host several racing and celebrity autograph signing events.

* Donnie Allison, founding member of the legendary Alabama Gang, will host a book signing in the McCaig-Wellborn Research library from 10 a.m. till Noon.

* Stan Barrett, driver of the world famous Rocket Car, will be signing autographs in the Union 76 Building from Noon till 2 p.m.

* Jeff Gordon, four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Champion, will appear on QVC in the SPEED Channel Dome.

On Saturday, April 25, the International Motorsports Hall of Fame will host Martha Earnhardt (Dale Earnhardt’s mother) and Carol Gordon Bickford (Jeff Gordon’s mother) in the McCaig-Wellborn Research library.

· Earnhardt and Bickford will host a book signing from 9 a.m. till 11 a.m.

· Copies of their co-authored cookbook “Pitstop in a Southern Kitchen” will be available for purchase at the IMHOF for $19.99 plus tax.

“We are excited that so many of our special guests will be appearing at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum,” said Talladega Superspeedway President and IMHOF Executive Director Rick Humphrey. “It’s one more way that Talladega Superspeedway and the IMHOF are working together to enhance the race fan’s experience.”

Gross meets Wholesome for Talladega Pre-Race Duties

Talladega matches its Boulevard having Radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge as grand marshal for a NASCAR race on April 25 at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.
Sweaty. Obscene. Not very women friendly.
Bearable when you are really drunk.

At the other end of the spectrum, Miss America 2009 Katie Stam will perform the national anthem.

The Aaron's 312, sponsored by Aaron's Rents Inc., is part of NASCAR's Nationwide Series. The 312-mile race, which will be telecast live on ABC, will be run the day before the Aaron's 499, a stop on NASCAR's major Sprint Car Series.

If you are looking for some radio that is not offensive to women and talks about NASCAR and you live in the Central Florida area. 740AM the game has our good friend Tuddle broadcasting a NASCAR show. from 6p-8p every Fridays. We will be posting more information in a future blog soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obsession with Breasts Hit a Mature Level this Weekend in Talladega

The NASCAR Foundation has announced that NASCAR Day will "Go Pink" through a joint partnership with FOX Sports Supports and Susan G. Komen for the Cure April 24-26 during the Aaron's Talladega Dream Weekend.

Through the partnership between The NASCAR Foundation, FOX Sports Supports and Komen for the Cure, a portion of the net proceeds raised through the program will benefit Komen for the Cure, supporting its promise to save lives end breast cancer forever. Specifically, the money raised will support the Susan G. Komen Scholarship Fund – a fund specifically designed for children whose mothers have lost their battle against cancer.

In 2009, FOX Sports has aligned with Komen for the Cure through the FOX Sports Supports program as one of their benefiting organizations. NASCAR on FOX personalities will don their pink apparel and show their support by wearing their NASCAR Day pins throughout the race weekend. FOX Sports launched FOX Sports Supports last year to raise awareness, provide financial assistance and spur volunteerism for worthy health-related charities.

Volunteers from Komen's North Central Alabama Affiliate will be out at the track Friday-Sunday collecting $5 donations. In return for the donation, fans will receive a collectible NASCAR Day lapel pin. The NASCAR Foundation will also have commemorative NASCAR Day pink t-shirts available for a limited time at the NASCAR.COM Superstore and at The NASCAR Foundation booth at Talladega Superspeedway. The t-shirts are available now online, and fans are encouraged to wear them to the track on race weekend. Half of the net proceeds from these efforts will benefit the Susan G. Komen Scholarship Fund.

The fashionistas go pink every October to walk in our local Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I have actually been a chair for the past two years and have the honor to meet some great people that have won the battle and have now focused their energies to work really hard to end this battle. We strive that our children will not know the word cancer when they are our age. We are excited for NASCAR and this awareness campaign! We hope that you will support this and other NASCAR Day activities. Just think it could be YOUR dollar that cures this disease!

Can social networking help a driver make in into the All-Star race? You betcha!

As NASCAR is gearing up for The Sprint All-Star Race, we felt the need to put our two cents in. I attended the race last year and it turned out to be one of my favorite NASCAR events. I even have a scar from falling off the golf cart to remind me of the memories; just call me Jimmie Johnson Jr.!

There is a great group of drivers that have to be voted in or will need to race their way in. Over the last few months, the NASCAR fan community and Social Networking has taken off. We have done a few articles on Twitter and it seems to grow more and more everyday. You can view the various Twitter Guides for NASCAR through this link to our story.

If I happened to be a NASCAR PR manager, I would be promoting my driver like crazy to gain fan votes through Twitter, Facebook, etc. Just this morning, Tommy Baldwin Racing sent out an email through his Facebook page asking his fans to help vote Scott Riggs into the race. The Fashionistas have been plugging Martin Truex Jr. for the past week through Twitter and about three hours ago, David Ragan via UPS Racing reminded his fans to vote him in through his Twitter page.

It is time for everyone to join the Social Media bandwagon because in this new age, shaking hands and kissing babies may not be enough.

Is your favorite driver locked into the race? If not, who would you like to see make it in?

Tune Up Tuesday, Fast and the Furious-the score

If you like NASCAR, chances are the movie "The Fast and the Furious" is on your list of things to see this Spring. The soundtrack came out at the end of last month but today the score hits shelves. The score is always a little more low key but always something interesting to experience. How could I resist anything on fast cars and cute brainer! Scoring Sessions did an article on Brian Tyler and how this score came to be here.

PETA, please go back to throwing paint on my fur coat...

Source:AP Press

In the most ridiculous thing I have read all week, and yes that includes why they would even let Perez Hilton judge anything more serious than a pie eating contest...PETA is protesting mass chicken dance at NASCAR race in Alabama. PETA is taking on what it describes as a new affront to animals: NASCAR fans doing the chicken dance.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asked Guinness World Records Inc. on Monday to ignore an attempt to set a world record for the largest group chicken dance at the Talladega Superspeedway, site of the Aaron's 499 race on Sunday.The reason? KFC is the sponsor of the record attempt, and the animal rights group says the fast-food company is cruel to chickens.A KFC spokesman defended the company's treatment of animals and said it hoped to get 125,000 race fans involved in the mass dance.

ps...i dont really have a fur coat.

pps....I think Miss California rocks, not for what she says, which isnt the point and to each his own or her own as it is...but its refreshing that she wasnt afraid to speak her mind...then again, it doesnt matter what I think because I dont have any business judging a Miss USA contest either...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Twitter and NASCAR makes a perfect pair!

All this sudden fascination about twitter in the media makes me happy in one respect and a little scared in another because I am a little nervous and afraid that it will lose its impact and get TOO viral if you will. One of the best things we like about being on twitter is all the new found NASCAR friends on there. The thing about twitter that I like the most is the feeling of support that you receive that is pretty reassuring. People you never have met who share your likes and interests and are seldom nasty- more than often always nice, give you props when needed and always there to commiserate in 140 characters or less.

Today as I signed on to our twitter, @nascargirls the lovely Rachel aka @racegirl44 "tweeted" that she updated her blog so I clicked on the link and found this great article she wrote on What NOT to wear, NASCAR style...and she gave us props! So in true twitter style, I am "retweeting" not only on our twitter but here as well! If you are a NASCAR fan, be sure to get on twitter during the race and join in!

Runway Monday

Even as we get a breath of spring, long scarves will be in style way into the summer. We chose the skull theme, to bring the rock out in all of us!

What we are drooling over...

Alexander McQueen from $224.00

An affordable option...

Hot Topic $12.99