Saturday, October 11, 2008

World Domination has begun!

Well, we have launched our marketing campaign and we are off to some great things....we are now on twitter.
And on myspace: myspace is a work in progress...but it has been a fun day! Tell all your friends!!

Its a girl for Casey Mears

Congrats to Casey Mears!

From celebrity baby blog: NASCAR driver Casey Mears is a new dad after girlfriend Trish Grablander gave birth to daughter Samantha Mae Mears on Tuesday, October 7th. Weighing in 8 lbs, 7 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long, Samantha was born at 12:42 p.m. Casey's mom announced the birth on her son's message board and shared that "Sam's middle name is after Grandma Skip as her real name is Mae." She also shared that,"Sam has a lot of dark wavy hair and is just as pretty as she can be. Mom and Dad are doing fantastic. Nana and Papa are doing pretty well too."

When we were in Talladega I saw Casey being interviewed and he really had the nicest things to say about the respect he had for his girlfriend. I have never met him, (apparently his crew chief Alan Gustafson grew up in my neighborhood here in Ormond Beach) but I was really touched at his interview. I will mention that while researching for the accurate information...I came across this horrific blog being mean to his girlfriend. Good Gravy kids, cant we all get along? Save that angst for the Kyle Busch's of the world will ya? What did she ever do to you??

Nascar goes pink

Anyone that knows me is fully aware of my obsession w/ the color pink. Anything that comes in the color pink, I have to have. Just a small example, my kitchen is full of pink small appliances and my golf clubs/bags are pink. I wanted to buy a pink cross bow at Bass Pro Shops....then I remembered, I don't hunt. I had to stop myself from buying a pink Dyson Vacuum cleaner the other day...being I already have a perfectly working purple one.

So it is fitting for me to get excited over all the pink cars on the track this weekend to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a wonderful thing that the sponsors and Nascar are doing for the Susan G Koman foundation during the month of October. It makes me sit back and recall a conversation I had 2 1/2 years ago with a certain team owner...telling him that we should paint one of the cars pink in October....and his response was "Are you going to go after Tampax to sponsor the car?" HA! Seems I wasn't that out there.

Nascar Mirrors Fashion

I just ran across an article on the Bleacher Report that spoke about Nascar, Fashion and Project Runway.... Were onto something here here

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Somewhat Nascar related

So, my Grandma...those who have had the fortune of meeting her can say that she was one of the best people to ever live. Her family used to run Moonshine w/ Junior Johnson's group, in fact my great Grandpa was shot in the head due to this and lived through it. She grew up w/ Cale Yarborough. Knew many of the original Daytona racing people...Knew Nascar before it was Nascar. This is the only reason I am writing about this in our blog. I feel it is much deserved....and it is somewhat Nascar related. When I first got involved in Nascar, my Grandma found it greatly amusing. I still to this day don't understand why but whatever, my Grandma was a hoot. She drank jack straight up, not chilled ("dont you dare let them put my Jack in one of those ice shaker things, you hear?") w/ a side of coke w/ no ice (she didnt like ice)...she danced every Saturday night and could dance any of us under a table. She killed snakes and split them open to see what was in their belly, hunted, shot squirrels, fished, and took care of her 100 acre property. She told stories, exaggerated like there was no other. She was everything I am not. Well....take that back, she was a shopaholic with a shoe problem and I am a bit of an exaggerator, so I inherited all that from her. Well, today she passed away unexpectedly. I am in utter shock to say the least. I am also a little angry at myself right now because all she has asked of me for the past 2 years was to take her to a race and introduce her to the King.....I feel the need to give her the love and the shout outs that she deserves, on our growing popular I leave this post with this...her favorite two photos. Gonna go cry myself to sleep now. I love you Tiny, Mary, Grandma, Nanny. xoxo

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey we are just amateurs with passion...check out what some professionals said about Talladega

Its just nice to know that like in politics, there are two sides to every story and we pick this one from Sporting News Or this jewel from Thats Racing

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

well....a little tourette syndrome never hurt anyone, has it?

Excuse this dudes tourettes syndrome....but he pretty much spoke my thoughts for the past 48 hours. He is a little more angry than I but I have yet to get over it at this time.

Do whaaaaaa? Talladega Review take 3

First off, just as a general sigh of relief...all girls made it home from Talladega alive and very well. Actually our trip home was quite luxurious, but more on that later.

So, even as I was packing I was a little apprehensive....what the hell was I getting myself into?? I mean really? I grew up in Daytona Beach, I have seen the craziest of Spring Breaks....Club 3 in Daytona was scary bad could this be??

On a low note, I will tell you I was nauseous when Martin Truex Jr wrecked...the look on everyone's face from the pit box and the running towards the car was scary.... I am really glad that he was ok, that it wasn't his fault and noone had to pull a week punkins next week!

Lets get on to the high notes shall we? The trip itself was quite awesome. We were fed and given libations till we couldn't see. The first night was the most fun. Can I tell you how happy I that we are on a motor coach that had an endless supply of Red Bull...I really needed the extra energy, especially for Talladega Blvd.....the most fun was at that tent that was at the place with the thing about the stuff...dont really remember how this was THE apparent meeting spot. But there Tool was and let the party begin...all was well and we were introduced to this person and that person.

Met some guy that did sales or something for DEI...apparently this is an inside sales job as he had the personality of a pin. Have you met me? I can make friends with a fork! I was proper and inquisitive (as dur I have been in sales and marketing for 14 years) and I tried to find a common ground with him to no avail...moving on!

Then we run smack dab into Reed Sorenson and his wing man...great eyes, nice enough but did you know reed is another word for instrument as in a tool? Just saying. His wingman did a horrible job trying to save him from the claws of Blue shiny jacket Pinky Tuscadero from Grease...god bless him...he was really nice.

Saturday was awesome, Napped and watched football and ate and drank....perfect! Sunday was the race and at the end of the day my time in dega was well spent, well remembered and impressionable by all .

I will give you my two cents about the race. As you know, by default Tony Stewart is one of my favorites...thanks to Uncle Pete. I am glad that he won, but I am sad that Regan Smith not only didnt win but NASCAR didnt give him second. Thats just wrong. This is racing and this is what the fans pay to see....but that is bullcrap. What will be interesting is how this event will be portrayed in the media.I believe that this is a blessing for DEI...why?? THIS IS the bees knees for PR!!! If they pull it off right, which I have 100% confidence that they will...they can put Reegs smack dab in the Nascar Spotlight on the map as the driver who didnt go out like Cryle Busch...he is a good racer, took it like a man and god narmit deserves a fantastic sponsor next year.

Ok, I have been officially been in Alabama too long!

From our Guest Blogger, Melissa Lindsey

Talladega Weekend with the Girls!
By Melissa Lindsey

So this weekend was amazing! Here's a lil bit of how it went....
- and might I add, my husband is awesome for letting me do this girls weekend while he's in the sand box! I love you Joel!

Friday afternoon I headed to the Montgomery airport and picked up my girls, Megan and Darlynn. From the airport we proceeded to Talladega, just us girls jamming out in the truck all the way! Felt like we were headed for Spring Break or something! We got to 'dega around 3pm Friday, well to the track, but seeing how I nor Megan had been there for a while we had no clue how to get back to the Driver/Owner lot, so we stopped and talked to pretty much every security guard there, which they didn't mind at all... I mean, you've probably seen some of the stuff that goes to the infield, so they didnt mind having some nicely dressed pretty women to talk to...

So we finally made it to the motorcoach and got to relax for a lil while... we actually relaxed a lot this weekend amazingly! It was nice to just hang out. All the guys we were with were just awesome. They made sure we were well taken care of and didn't get into any trouble.
As for Friday night... we all loaded up in the golf cart and made our way out to the main inflield with all the other crazy people at Talladega Blvd! It's like a Redneck Mardi Gras on crack! We had fun just people watching! And there was plenty to watch! There was a guy wearing nothing but a tire, some old chick dancing on a makeshift pole, and much more just not enough time to name!

On Saturday us girls just hung out watching football. One of the funniest "you had to of been there" moments was on Saturday. Me, Meg and Dar were lounging outside the motorcoach watching football when Carl Edwards come walking by again. Apparently we were all staring at him, but who could resist! Carl turned and flashed that beautiful Carl Edwards smile and waved... and in a synchronized fashion all three of us raised our hands to wave and couldn't say a word! After he passed on by all we could do was look at each other with our beet red faces and bust out laughing. It wasn't like it was unusual for us to see all the drivers and say hi or anything, cause we were staying in the same lot with them, but we have a couple of those drivers that just get to us! You know, like Cutie Kasey Kahne, Dale Jr, Carl Edwards and my man Tony Stewart!

So next would be raceday.. Sunday morning we got up and got ready..headed down and walked around the garage and pits for a lil while, and just waited for the race. So when the race was about to get started we went on to Martin Truex's pit, put on our scanners and watched what we hoped was gonna be a good day for our number 1 Bass Pro Shops car...however it didn't turn out the way we hoped!! It sucked! Martin got taken out in the first big wreck of the race... Since that happend, we left the race a lil early to head to Atlanta since the girls had an early flight out on
Monday morning.

A couple side notes:
- Our wakeup call every morning was "What's Up Bitches"
- My new nickname is Hilljack...thanks Jager Bombs! lol
- We all 3 have stalkers (the drivers we see and run into everywhere!!) Megans is Carl Edwards, Darlynn's is Kyle Petty and mine is Reed Sorenson. Reed was once again everywhere we were this weekend..not to mention his motorcoach was right in front of ours!
- No mater where we were this weekend, if our beer was empty, we magically had a brand new one in our hands within 5 mins! Like I said, they took care of us very well!
- and some words frequently used... "Do Whaaat" "I Concur" "Going to the Front" and a very much used one "OMG!"

Honestly there is sooo much more, I'm just tired of writing and I'm sure if anyone has made it through reading this far, then you're probably tired of reading it too! :)
In summary, it was a great weekend and I can't wait til we get a chance to do it again! I miss my girls already!

Also.. Congrats to my Tony Stewart on the win, however I would've loved to see our Regan Smith was a crazy ending but Regan should've still gotten 2nd place! Instead they put him in 18th! It's BS!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A race full of heartbreaks

SO, Tony Stewart is my new hated driver. I try not to take things personal when it comes to Nascar....but when my friend almost gets his first Talladega of all places, only to get the win snatched out from under him infuriates me. I am so upset with Nascar. They are saying Regan tried to improve his position because Tony pushed him below the yellow line. Regan prevented a wreck when he did this. Now Regan ended up getting black flagged. Well bud...I will always consider you as the winner of this race and I couldn't have been happier with your performance yesterday.
Now, lets move onto my other heartbreak of the race....Martin Truex Jr. getting wrecked. Darlynn and I were sitting in the Bass Pro pits when the wreck happened right in front of us. It seems the boys cant get a break. How many weeks in a row have they had the car to win and end up getting screwed? Its like they cant win for losing.

Now the next chapter is the positive one about our weekend. I can honestly say, I was a little apprehensive coming into this weekend, although I was with 2 girls I love and many guys I love to be around. I was very surprised for the most part. The race was the worst part of my weekend. Who can honestly say that? I had the greatest time and all of us needed this weekend. Melissa and Darlynn have already put their two sense as to what happened so I wont need to elaborate.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Its Just Dega...."

Those were the words from Bono, "It's Just Dega". GOD what a freakin mess of a race today!?!?! Martin had a great car- Top 10 all day- even taking the lead at times.....then THE TIRES. Brian Vickers blew a front right tire, and just wiped out our Martin Truex Jr. Bad and Hard. I think they said he took a total of 5 hits. OUCH. He went high, hit the wall, got spun by multiple cars 3 more times, then hit the lower wall- HARD. They came back from commercial, and I just saw that black chevy hitting the lower wall and I immediately jumped up from my coma and was like "OH F**K"- the scanner was on delay on the computer, so the wreck had not happened yet...then I hear Joey going "Are you ok?, Martin talk to us" and it was silent. SILENT. The TV had flashed to some of the other cars...then I saw Martin out of the car, and he was pissssssssssed. Tore off his tear sheet, took his helmet off and threw it in the was bad- then they showed him walking by himself, just rubbing his hands over his head....It just SUCKED.

The girls were there, and I am sure they will talk about it first hand, cause I know they were by the Bass Pro pits when it happened. What a freakin mess.

Then- 5 to go. Our Reegs is running 2nd...I cant even write about the ending to that race. If you saw it, you know. REGAN WON THE RACE. REGAN WON THE RACE. But of course cause he got pushed under the yellow line for the pass....he got F**ked. So, no, TONY actually won the race. Probably one of the most controversial finishes all year. Poor Reegs. He really did win that race.

Have a beer for me Regan. You too Martin.

Missing the girls....

The ladies are in Dega, Bama - and I am home! Seems they are having a great time though... I am chilling on the couch this afternoon, and watching Race Day on Speed now...I just talked to Meg and Darlynn and they are getting ready to head down to the garage..I hope they send me some pics! I miss the boys! (and the girls of course) haha!