Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to Miami, Welcome to Miami

Ally and I are are going to Miami...(well Homestead actually) and now I have that stupid song by Will Smith stuck in my head. I really hope that the 1% chance of Carl Edwards winning the cup actually happens, although I know Jimmie Johnson has to finish 36th or worse and Carl has to win. I probably have a better chance of becoming Mrs. Carl Edwards than JJ loosing the cup. I must mention, I am still a little saddened over the fact that Carl is ENGAGED. There, I finally wrote something about that matter. It only took me a month.
In other Nascar related news, there is a sad thing happening that I really don't feel the want or need to blog about, which would be the merging of DEI and Ganassi. While reading what all the other bloggers thought about this matter, I came across an article from Nascar Nuts and Bolts which had a funny acronym that I must share....."A friend of mine points out, eventually this team will be called EGR like Joe Gibbs Racing is JGR. What gets lost in that acronym? Two words. Chip... and Dale." I am sorry but that is funny. I have officially renamed EGR to Chip and Dale Racing. Nascar Nuts and Bolts also had another article called Nascar could become Must See TV Again that had me howling but I refuse to repost it on here for personal can read it for yourself.