Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scott Speed...the talk of Martinsville.

So as we venture to Martypoopsville...yes I went there.... Nascar Fashionistas must comment on the newest addition to the Nascar line up this weekend, Scott Speed. Not only is he under the careful guidance of our friend Richard "Slugger" Labbe but this boy we predict will be a great addition to the cup series! He brings some fresh new blood and an interesting new attitude to the sport. As mentioned in one of our newest found favorite blogs in Bleacher Report, this kid has a lot more substance than his painted fingernails meets the eye.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Martinsville Hot Dog

I consider myself a Hot Dog connoisseur. Every time I go to NY, I eat so many hot dogs that I get sick. When Darlynn and I went to Beverly Hills, the most important thing for me to do while I was there was to try a world famous Pinks hot dog. My Birthday party was catered last year and I asked for a hot dog get the idea.

The first time I went to Martinsville, I was estatic about trying their world famous hot dog. It's all the group spoke of on the way up to the race, being they knew my fondness of hot dogs. So imagine me, this very excited girl, about to try the famous a good visual? Ok, I am at the counter and they asked what I wanted on it. I ordered 2. One the way I like it (relish, spicy mustard, ketchup) and one the Martinsville way (chili, mustard, onions, and vinegar-based slaw...minus the onions). I remember clearly, looking at that hot dog like it had 10 heads once I unwrapped it from the wax paper. IT WAS RED. Not pink. RED. It was so red, the bun was red. I was mortified. So, I shrugged off the fear of the red dog and took a bite. made its way to the garbage can faster than one could imagine. I thought I had been punked! I swear to you on my life, when I threw away those 2 hot dogs, I got the look of death from surrounding crew members that were waiting in line to buy boxes of these things.I just dont understand it! Can someone please explain this madness?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dale Jrs take on Regan and Talladega

I promise this will be my final post about Regan Smith at Talladega. I have had many conversations over the past week regarding the controversial ending at Talladega. Again, I am biased being I am friends with Regan. Nevertheless, if it were Juan Pablo that got screwed out of the win, I would still be shaking my head at Nascar. You can not sit here and tell me that if it were Dale Jr. that was pushed below the yellow line, that he would not have come out of that race as the winner. Oh, thats right...its happened to JR before and he DID come out the winner! Nascar rules are Nascar rules...until an unsponsored rookie almost takes the win from Sir Tony Stewart. Click here for the article has regarding Dale Jrs take ont he race. One day, we will all be sitting in winner circle screaming winner winner chicken dinner.

I am ending this with a few quotes from JR.

"It was exactly the same. I was forced below (the yellow line) and that was declared OK,"

"I know for a fact Regan didn't go down the front straightaway with a plan to pass (Stewart) on the apron. He was under (Stewart) on the race track when Tony came down and he was forced onto the apron."

Kevin Vs Carl

The latest drama in the saga called Nascar is Carl Edwards vs Kevin Harvick. There is nothing like a little brawl to draw attention. I don't need to go into the story being everyone that knows Nascar knows what happened on Thursday but here are the highly anticipated Kevin Harvick Carl Edwards fight pictures. My money is on Carl btw.

Dear Dale Jr

Apparently, two colleagues Dr. Keith Christy and Dr. Ray Schneider from Bowling Green State University will be collaborating with fans in a new book entitled Dear Jr. This will a compilation of letters written by fans of #88 Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Junior. The book with letters written in the first person (address your letters to Dear Jr) plans on being presented to him at the 2010 Daytona 500.If you include a photo please give permission on a separate sheet of paper to grant permission for publishing. Once the book is published,all proceeds will go to the Dale Jr. Foundation.

All Dale Jr. fans are welcome to send letters/photos for possible inclusion in the book to:

Dr. Ray Schneider
Sport Management Program
227 Eppler Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

OMG OMG....this made me spit out my coffee with excitement. Seriously, what a great idea...albeit a tad creepy...We at Nascar Fashionistas pray for substance and intelligence. This fashionista has had her letter ready for him for years.

Dear Jr,
Although we have never met, I would like to thank you for endless giggles from us fashionistas when we pretend to be you on each others voice mail or your alter ego in our initial stupor Dale Junior Earheart...its a long story and probably only funny to exactly three fashionistas. I do hope you find someone to share opening ceremonies soon because you deserve a big hug before you get into that car. Again, I have no idea why this is important to me. Also, thank you for staring at me at Darlynnton last year...that was very exciting. The end.

Or something like that....