Saturday, September 20, 2008

Megans take on the 12

After race one of the Chase, I felt the need to write about the 12 boys going for the cup.

Carl Edwards (5220)
Since the beginning of the season, I have been saying that Carl was going to win the cup. Yes, I am biased but I have felt for 2 years now that Carl is the greatest driver on the circuit. My prediction is Carl is the winner. Lets see what would make a perfect 2008....Carl winning the cup, my buddy Regan Smith winning rookie of the year, the Gators winning the National Title and Tebow winning back to back Heisman Trophys.....hey, a girl can dream right!?

Jimmie Johnson (5220)
Jimmie has the experience of winning 2 cups in a row. Can he do 3? It will be tough and there will be a lot of "3-pete" pressure on him but if anyone can do it, it will be him. Jimmie is a comeback kid. I like Jimmie, he is a classy guy.

Greg Biffle (-30)
Biff has been very impressive this year. Do I really think he will do it? No...I think it will come down to Carl and Jimmie, and I hate to say it....Kyle....who will probably win a few more races and make me sick. Gag.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-50)
In Nascar Nations perfect world, boy wonder will win the cup and make all the trillions of Jr. fans dreams come true. It would boost Nascars ratings. It wont happen though. Next year, maybe. Not this year. Lets try to have someone other than Hendricks win the cup this year.

Jeff Burton (-50)
Yawn. Not happening.

Denny Hamlin (-72)
Denny is a "fast" learner. Can he pull off a Championship? We will have to wait and see over the next few weeks.

Tony Stewart (-73)
I seriously doubt Tony will pull through this year. His heart isn't in it. He thinks it is a one man show. When you make comments like "Good job there, guys, we gave another one away today. Great job". Zip had to remind him that they are all in this together. "We win and lose as a team. It was a great effort, okay? Enough of that shit." Your not going to win a cup with this attidue Smoke.

Kyle Busch (-74)
Hey, how did you get all the way down here Kyle?? Welcome to the Chase my friend. It is a whole new ballgame now. Go whine some. I am sure you will be back in contention in the next few weeks. Just please don't win at Talladega. I dont want to travel all that way to see you win another race being you have won 2 of the 4 races I have attended this year. Thanks in advance!

Clint Bowyer (-83)
I don't see this happening, sorry Clint.

Kevin Harvick (-86)
It has taken me 2 years to like Kevin again after the 500 2 years ago, which prevented me from going to victory lane w/ Mark Martin. He has the talent, the Nascar wife who sits atop his pitbox in her firesuit clocking lap times, but does he have the car to do it? We will have to wait and see.

Jeff Gordon (-99)
I will keep my comments about Jeff's possibilities to myself until after tomorrows race. He won the pole, he has the fastest car....if he wins tomorrow, who knows what will happen.

Matt Kenseth (-177)
Not a chance in hell. Sorry Matt.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Junebug is a Junemonster!!

So, I am sitting here watching Nascar NOW on ESPN - going thru the haps and whatnot of this week in Nascar....and apparently, we missed this....Dale Jr and Tony Jr had WORDS over the radio!!!!

I am still looking for this story, since I caught the end of it on the Nascar show...but they interviewed Juney and he said "Ya'll can listen if you want, but keep your opinions to yourself..I am trying to do business out there" - I guess it got heated enough that owner Rick Hendrick had to jump on the radio to calm June down.....

June never gets mad!! And Bob never has a second cup of coffee at home?? (Airplane reference for you guys)

Fashionista Friday

This past Saturday, while Darlynn and I were watching College Football, drinking a few too many beers, we decided to converse with the boys in Louden. I don't really remember how the conversations went but one thing we know for sure is that it was cold it was up there. This made me a little sad since it is so damn hot in FL but it showed a glimmer of hope....Fall is upon us which means we are that much closer to breaking out our winter wardrobe! All 3 of the Fashionistas are Floridians and we are all equally obsessed with winter clothing. If you were to look in my closet, you would think I resided in Maine with my 20 coats, Boots galore and 11 pairs of Ugg's (I am not exaggerating and I have no idea how I have so many).

3 years ago, the style of knee high boots over skinny jeans became a hit. In fact, it became very popular with the Nascar Wives and Girlfriends. It is such a great look, even today, three years later. Although I love the look, I personally don't like wearing heals on pit road. Well, this has all changed. I found these fabulous Kenneth Cole boots on, which I intend on purchasing for this winter. They come in black, brown and tan and they are only $159!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"I smell a rat"

Even Kelly thinks Kyle is a rat. They sure are making Circus Monkeys out of these boys....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Way to Go Bono!!!!

Finally the nation is catching on to what we have known forever! Our very own Kevin Bono Manion is a PROBLEM SOLVER! Like Nascar's version of Einstein... please read below on the very prestigious award he received on Sunday in New Hampshire.

Truex's crew chief wins Problem Solver award

Kevin Manion, crew chief on the Dale Earnhardt Inc. #1 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Chevrolet driven by Martin Truex Jr. in the Sylvania 300 wins the Moog Problem Solver of the Race award.

The award is presented to the crew chief whose team finishes in the top 10 and posts the largest increase in average lap speed (-.734 sec) from the first half to second half of a race. Truex moved up two spots to 15th in the 2008 Sprint Cup point standings after his 7th place finish in Sunday's race at the New Hampshire Motor

Here he is below explaining to Martn Einstein's Law of Relativity....

Congrats Bono!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A comment off of HABV Facebook

Sometimes, things make me really laugh REALLY hard....

Russell W. Reed wrote at 2:15pm
I was at NHMS on Friday, too bad it got rained out. I was the one wearing the Earnhardt Jr gear from top to bottom that was standing by the track on the straightway where pit road is. Wish I could've stayed longer, but left...
Oh you were that guy? The one from head to toe junior gear? Thank you so much for clearing that up for us!!

My brother Joey Nangano is racing today, the Home Depot commercial was great...Keep Digging My Little Pony!