Thursday, December 18, 2008

So you want to smell like a Whopper?

Just when you think Burger King has lost it's mind with it's "fast food virgin" marketing campaign, they come at you with the Fire meets Desire. They have launched a new men's body spray called "Flame" which is described as "the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat". The website shows scenes of seduction and this picture came up. Yes, that is the Burger King, laying naked on a lion rug. So, here is my question.....if a guy wears his seductive "Flame" body spray while hunting, will he be attacked by bears? Where and how do they come up with this stuff???!!!! Let's hope they don't whore out Tony Stewart like this next year.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nascar hits Marquee in NYC

As I sit here taking a break from Christmas shopping, I felt the need to share some photos from the Nascar Championship week taken this past week at Club Marquee in NYC. Guest of Guest has posted tons of photos on their site, you owe it to yourself to check them out here and here. I was quite bummed that there weren't any pictures of Regan Smith and Megan Mayhew. You must look at the second group of photos to see the many WTF moments I had while browsing....there is also a girl on the first group that brought her dog!!! And no, it was not Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. One of our readers graciously informed us that it was Aubrey O'Day, previously of the pop group Danity Kane. Of all the WTF moments, this may have been the best. I mean, really, isn't that a Halloween costume? Why on earth would you wear that to Marquee? Or are you that desperate to fit in at a Nascar function? Didn't quite work out for you did it?
Here are some other apperances and people that actually dressed like they belonged there.

Jeff Gordon and Ingrid Vandebosch

Jimmy and Chandra her purse.

Chad Knaus and Lisa Rochelmann....what happened to Bruna Oliveria???

DJ A.M!!!! He looks fantastic.

Brian Vickers.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Please say it isn't so.....

I copied the story below from the Orlando Sentinal and I am trying to hold back the tears. There is a possibility of us loosing Tebow, Brandon Spikes and Percy Harvin a year early. I am just ill. No words can explain this.....stay tuned, there will be an interview w/ Tebow tomorrow on College Gameday.

Gators quarterback Tim Tebow told the Sentinel on Tuesday that he'll "probably" petition to the NFL draft advisory committee to determine his potential status should he decide to leave school early."It's the smart thing to do," said Tebow, a junior. Tebow has not decided on his future and is focused on Saturday's SEC title game against No. 1 Alabama. The advisory committee is composed of NFL officials, scouts and general managers. Gators linebacker Brandon Spikes told Florida Today of his plans to petition, and Gators wide receiver Percy Harvin also might petition.
As one of the most celebrated college football players of all time, Tebow is working on his second Heisman Trophy campaign. How the Gators finish the season is expected to play a part in Tebow's NFL decision. The winner of Saturday's SEC title game could land a spot in next month's BCS National Championship in Miami. Either Oklahoma or Texas is expected to be the other team in that game.Tebow already has one national championship ring. He was Chris Leak's backup on the Gators' 2006 national championship team.The Heisman is awarded next week, after the conference title game. If Tebow could win college football's top individual award again, he would be only the second player to be a repeat Heisman winner, joining Ohio State running back Archie Griffin.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chase Indicator?

Last week in the Daytona Beach News Journal, Godwin Kelley did a feature on and interview Kurt Busch recently had. Kurt was quoted saying the first 10 races of the Sprint Cup Series go a long way to determining the final 12 drivers in the Chase & that ten drivers, who had a top 12 standing after 10 races into the season, were able to hold position through the start of the Chase. I know that after the 5th race, if you are out of the top 35, you are pretty much screwed but I never looked at it this way. Click here for the story.

Happy Birthday Darlynn!!

Today is the national holiday of Darlynn Nangano's birthday! Happy Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Penn St cologne and perfume?!

I remember a few years back when Nascar introduced the Daytona 500 cologne....

It was one of those moments that I sat there and said WTF!?! Nascar promised to "leverage the prestige and popularity of the great American race." So what does that mean? You smell like tires? Or gas? Or beer!! I could have a field day marketing products in Nascar but cologne wouldn't be one of them.

Which brings me to something I saw on ESPN tonight. Apparently, Penn State has come out with a perfume and cologne line. So all of you Penn State fans out there can smell like JoePa!According to the University, the official perfume and cologne that captures the essence of the school's blue and white colors, according to the scent's developer, Harrisburg-based Masik Collegiate Fragrances. The company said the Penn State perfume exudes vanilla, lilac, rose and white patchouli, while the cologne smells of blue cypress and cracked pepper vapor. The 3.4-ounce bottles cost $60 each. I know exactly what Ally can get Doodle for Christmas....

The SEC Championship game

Over the next two months, we will be finding other stuff to blog about with the absence of Nascar. Don't be surprised to find some random football, cooking, shopping, traveling, etc. Hopefully, we will have plenty to write about!

The Florida/Alabama game is this weekend and I can not wait until I can stop hearing band waggon jumpers screaming Roll Tide Roll. So annoying. The only good thing about Alabama is that they can wear hounds tooth as part of their school colors. Bama is going to be another victim of the Florida Gators high-powered offense and hard hitting defense. Lets check out the stats....

Florida Category Alabama
212.3 Passing Offense 69.3
237.1 Rushing Offense 201.5
449.4 Total Offense 370.8
46.3 Scoring Offense 32.1
172.9 Passing Defense 174.9
102.8 Rushing Defense 73.6
275.7 Total Defense 248.5
12.2 Scoring Defense 11.5
263 1st Downs 230
.489 3rd Down Conv. .424
.688 4th Down Conv.
Penalties-Yards 48-422
19-8 Fumbles-Lost 18-9

Numbers don't lie.

Now lets talk about the 2008 season for both teams. Bama and FL played 6 of the same teams in 2008. Florida scored higher in 4 of these 6 games.

Florida 30 vs Tennessee 6 - Alabama 29 vs Tennessee 9.

Florida 38 vs Arkansas 7 - Alabama 49 vs Arkansas 14

Ole Miss
Florida 30 vs Ole Miss 31 - Alabama 24 vs Ole Miss 20

Florida 51 vs LSU 21 - Alabama 27 vs LSU 21 (in overtime)

Florida 63 vs Kentucky 5 - Alabama 17 vs Kentucky 14

Florida 49 vs Georgia 10 - Alabama 41 vs Georgia 30

Bama is going into this weekend's game undefeated while FL has a 1 point loss against them; vs. Ole Miss (who Bama also played Ole Miss and only won by 4 points). Between the schedule results and the stats, it is clear that Florida is the better team. Take a look at the Kentucky, Georgia and LSU game. Bama struggled in all 3 while Florida ate them and spit them out for breakfast. I am not being cocky, again, numbers don't lie.

I can not wait until Saturday!!

GO GATORS! Let's go secure that 2nd Heisman for Tim Tebow!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The end of a really long season that went by really fast.

After the race Sunday, emotions were on a high. Things are changing. The sport is going to be different next year. The economy has everyone freaking out. Sponsorship issues are no longer a concern, they are now an absolute issue. According to, this past Monday was dubbed as "Black Monday" due to ongoing layoffs between the 3 series.

This brings me to something I didn't want to blog about but have received a few emails asking why it wasn't brought up yet. I am speaking of the DEI/Ganassi merger. After many thoughts and discussions over it, I've decided to have an optimistic outlook on it. This season was rough for both teams and next year brings a fresh start, a new beginning and a new team, with the experience of Chip Ganassi. I know it is hard for a lot of the NASCAR nation to swallow the fact that Dale Earnhardt Inc. is no longer "DEI". It's not the end of the legacy, it is the start of a new one. At the end of the day, mergers are awful, I saw it happen last year first hand with Ginn Racing and let me tell you, it wasn't a pleasent experience.

I learned that NASCAR is a business and businesses go through rough times like this, especially in today's times. We must remember that it is not about the past but about what the future holds. I have a feeling that next year will be a great year for Martin Truex Jr. and the whole Bass Pro team. Go Chip and Dale Racing!Our good buddy Regan Smith won Rookie of the Year!!!! Winning Rookie of the Year is the best case scenario for Reegs and hopefully all will be well and very successful next year. I can only wish him the best. He is truly a class act, something I have known for years. He has made a name for himself this year with the way he handled the Talladega conterversay. I know that no matter what happens, this is the start of a successful career for him. Now we need to find our boy a sponsor! Good luck bud!

Carl Edwards....sigh. I must state how much I hate the chase. He crushed the others with statistics and still came up short in the Series title. He had 9 wins, 19 top 5's and 27 top 10's. He was first in all 3 categories yet came up 69 points shy of the cup. As a Carl Edwards fan, I have to say, I am very proud of him. I really was hoping he won the cup but there is always next year!! Well, then again, shouldn't I be saying I want Martin Truex Jr. to win the cup in 09? I don't want to get in trouble!

So what has this year taught us? Next year, next year, there is always next year. 2008 has been a rough one for mostly everyone I know, personally, financially, emotionally and career wise. 2009 has to be more promising. Or I quit.

This may be the most depressing blog I have ever done.

Here are a few of our photos from the Homestead-Miami weekend.
Top left: Megan, Bono, Knuckles, Ally, Doodle. Top right: Ally, Doodle
Middle left: Megan and Ally @ the Bass Pro Pits. Middle right: Megan and Ally @ Jimmie Johnsons celebration. Botttom left: Megan and Ally on the track, after the race.
Bottom right: Megan and Sweet Jim.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to Miami, Welcome to Miami

Ally and I are are going to Miami...(well Homestead actually) and now I have that stupid song by Will Smith stuck in my head. I really hope that the 1% chance of Carl Edwards winning the cup actually happens, although I know Jimmie Johnson has to finish 36th or worse and Carl has to win. I probably have a better chance of becoming Mrs. Carl Edwards than JJ loosing the cup. I must mention, I am still a little saddened over the fact that Carl is ENGAGED. There, I finally wrote something about that matter. It only took me a month.
In other Nascar related news, there is a sad thing happening that I really don't feel the want or need to blog about, which would be the merging of DEI and Ganassi. While reading what all the other bloggers thought about this matter, I came across an article from Nascar Nuts and Bolts which had a funny acronym that I must share....."A friend of mine points out, eventually this team will be called EGR like Joe Gibbs Racing is JGR. What gets lost in that acronym? Two words. Chip... and Dale." I am sorry but that is funny. I have officially renamed EGR to Chip and Dale Racing. Nascar Nuts and Bolts also had another article called Nascar could become Must See TV Again that had me howling but I refuse to repost it on here for personal can read it for yourself.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go vote today!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Not at all Nascar related...BUT we so met NKOTB last night!

So last night was a dream come true for Darlynn and I. We went to see New Kids on the Block in Tampa. On the way there, we listened to all the old hits (and even did the New Kids dance in the car). We passed a few mini vans full of soccer Mom's that had 'NKOTB 4-Eva' & 'Blockheads for life' written on their windows. We arrived at the St. Pete Times Forum around 5:00 for the meet and greet. People got their old school NKOTB shirts and 6" buttons from their attic. I haven't seen some of this stuff in years and it brought me way back.

On the way up to the meet and greet, we both started getting very nervous. Granted, these guys haven't been around in years but it is NKOTB for Christ Sakes. We look at each other and say....are Darlynn Nangano and Megan Wood really about to meet NKOTB? Roll your eyes if you must but we spent a majority of our childhood dreaming of these guys. My entire room, comforter, sheets and all were NKOTB and here we are about to meet them. Dar and I both had to prevent ourselves from crying, yes we are dorks and we know this. The meet and greet starts and we hugged everyone of them. Yes, I hugged Joey McIntyre. I ended up standing in between Donnie Whalberg and Jordan Knight. Donnie held onto me like his Prom Date. Dar stood next to Jordan and some chic we don't know (they made us go in groups of 6). The guys were dolls. I was already on cloud 9 and the concert hadn't started yet. Natasha Bedingfield opened up for the guys. She is phenomenal. The concert started and it was BEYOND anything in my wildest dreams. They played all the old hits, sounded great and still had all their moves. Imagine over 20,000 women, from their late 20's into their 40's screaming like they were 13. I can't even describe what happened to building when they did the finale of Step by Step and Hanging Tough. My ears are still ringing from the screaming. It was by far the most fun I have ever had at a concert. I have no voice today and I am very tired.

Needless to say, we didn't get to watch the race, although I am very happy Carl Edwards won and MTJ finished in the top 10.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Our favorite Nascar commercials of 2008

#1 Best commercial of 2008 has to be the Kasey Kahne Allstate Sponsorship commercial. I cant remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did the first time I saw this classic commercial.

#2 has to go to Carl Edwards and the Aflac Duck. Although I am starting to get a little sick of seeing this commercial, it is still one of the best ones on TV

#3 goes to Tylenol Fast. The best part of this is Kevin Harvick, and you will rarely hear those words out of my mouth. He is what made this commercial.

#4 actually has 2 commercials. The Juan Pablo Montoya Big Red and Juicy Fruit commercials are hillarious. I dont know which one I like better so I had to put them both up here.

#5 goes to Jimmie Johnson Lowes repairs. This commercial wouldnt be as good w/o Chad Knauss. I think he loves being on TV.

And I couldnt do this without including the Denny Hamlin Fast commercial. Being it is Allys favorite commercial of all time, I had to put it up.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold Wet-Lanta

As I am wrapping up the day, playing major catchup after my trip to Atlanta Motor Speedway w/ HillJack (or Hill-F.N.-Jack), I felt the duty to do some blogging since we have slacked off this past week.

Altanta, which was my least favorite track of all, has made its way into my top 3 tracks. It is one of the easiest tracks to get around in the infield. I get lost very easily so this is a very important factor in my book. Red Bull had a suite thing called the energy station. It was out of control. It was a two story, high end night club sitting ontop of the hill inbetween turns 2 & 3. It was fully catered, all you can drink, DJ, plasma screen tv's everywhere you looked, 2 balcony areas that overlooked the track: It was a new venture in my Nascar experiences. I wanted to move in! Melissa fell in love with Red Bull cola, she even set our redbulls up on dates w/ our deserts: I wonder how long it will take to get that Red Bull Cola stuff on the market. I was overly impressed with the whole set up, which I found out costs $1 million per race. That is A LOT of money for a suite/tent/whatever you want to call it.

The weather was awful on Friday night but we surely made the best of it and had a wonderful time. Saturday and Sunday were cold and windy but very nice. I even got a little sunburnt. I finally got to see Carl Edwards do a back flip in person: And I got to see my bud Regan Smith for a few seconds, which is always a highlight.
It was another weekend of too much fun, great people, and no sleep.

Brian Vickers escapes to SoHo

So this is where HABV goes to hide...a Manhattan penthouse in Soho. Now we like him even more! Click here for the story from NYtimes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I know it isnt NASCAR related but I had to vent how much I truly hate the BCS. How did FL just go from number 5 in the AP to 10 in the BCS??? Plus we had a bye week????? I have been saying it for years....BCS needs to go to a playoff system. Heres some yummy for this story. Gotta love the Tebow.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Scott Speed...the talk of Martinsville.

So as we venture to Martypoopsville...yes I went there.... Nascar Fashionistas must comment on the newest addition to the Nascar line up this weekend, Scott Speed. Not only is he under the careful guidance of our friend Richard "Slugger" Labbe but this boy we predict will be a great addition to the cup series! He brings some fresh new blood and an interesting new attitude to the sport. As mentioned in one of our newest found favorite blogs in Bleacher Report, this kid has a lot more substance than his painted fingernails meets the eye.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Martinsville Hot Dog

I consider myself a Hot Dog connoisseur. Every time I go to NY, I eat so many hot dogs that I get sick. When Darlynn and I went to Beverly Hills, the most important thing for me to do while I was there was to try a world famous Pinks hot dog. My Birthday party was catered last year and I asked for a hot dog get the idea.

The first time I went to Martinsville, I was estatic about trying their world famous hot dog. It's all the group spoke of on the way up to the race, being they knew my fondness of hot dogs. So imagine me, this very excited girl, about to try the famous a good visual? Ok, I am at the counter and they asked what I wanted on it. I ordered 2. One the way I like it (relish, spicy mustard, ketchup) and one the Martinsville way (chili, mustard, onions, and vinegar-based slaw...minus the onions). I remember clearly, looking at that hot dog like it had 10 heads once I unwrapped it from the wax paper. IT WAS RED. Not pink. RED. It was so red, the bun was red. I was mortified. So, I shrugged off the fear of the red dog and took a bite. made its way to the garbage can faster than one could imagine. I thought I had been punked! I swear to you on my life, when I threw away those 2 hot dogs, I got the look of death from surrounding crew members that were waiting in line to buy boxes of these things.I just dont understand it! Can someone please explain this madness?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dale Jrs take on Regan and Talladega

I promise this will be my final post about Regan Smith at Talladega. I have had many conversations over the past week regarding the controversial ending at Talladega. Again, I am biased being I am friends with Regan. Nevertheless, if it were Juan Pablo that got screwed out of the win, I would still be shaking my head at Nascar. You can not sit here and tell me that if it were Dale Jr. that was pushed below the yellow line, that he would not have come out of that race as the winner. Oh, thats right...its happened to JR before and he DID come out the winner! Nascar rules are Nascar rules...until an unsponsored rookie almost takes the win from Sir Tony Stewart. Click here for the article has regarding Dale Jrs take ont he race. One day, we will all be sitting in winner circle screaming winner winner chicken dinner.

I am ending this with a few quotes from JR.

"It was exactly the same. I was forced below (the yellow line) and that was declared OK,"

"I know for a fact Regan didn't go down the front straightaway with a plan to pass (Stewart) on the apron. He was under (Stewart) on the race track when Tony came down and he was forced onto the apron."

Kevin Vs Carl

The latest drama in the saga called Nascar is Carl Edwards vs Kevin Harvick. There is nothing like a little brawl to draw attention. I don't need to go into the story being everyone that knows Nascar knows what happened on Thursday but here are the highly anticipated Kevin Harvick Carl Edwards fight pictures. My money is on Carl btw.

Dear Dale Jr

Apparently, two colleagues Dr. Keith Christy and Dr. Ray Schneider from Bowling Green State University will be collaborating with fans in a new book entitled Dear Jr. This will a compilation of letters written by fans of #88 Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Junior. The book with letters written in the first person (address your letters to Dear Jr) plans on being presented to him at the 2010 Daytona 500.If you include a photo please give permission on a separate sheet of paper to grant permission for publishing. Once the book is published,all proceeds will go to the Dale Jr. Foundation.

All Dale Jr. fans are welcome to send letters/photos for possible inclusion in the book to:

Dr. Ray Schneider
Sport Management Program
227 Eppler Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403

OMG OMG....this made me spit out my coffee with excitement. Seriously, what a great idea...albeit a tad creepy...We at Nascar Fashionistas pray for substance and intelligence. This fashionista has had her letter ready for him for years.

Dear Jr,
Although we have never met, I would like to thank you for endless giggles from us fashionistas when we pretend to be you on each others voice mail or your alter ego in our initial stupor Dale Junior Earheart...its a long story and probably only funny to exactly three fashionistas. I do hope you find someone to share opening ceremonies soon because you deserve a big hug before you get into that car. Again, I have no idea why this is important to me. Also, thank you for staring at me at Darlynnton last year...that was very exciting. The end.

Or something like that....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

World Domination has begun!

Well, we have launched our marketing campaign and we are off to some great things....we are now on twitter.
And on myspace: myspace is a work in progress...but it has been a fun day! Tell all your friends!!

Its a girl for Casey Mears

Congrats to Casey Mears!

From celebrity baby blog: NASCAR driver Casey Mears is a new dad after girlfriend Trish Grablander gave birth to daughter Samantha Mae Mears on Tuesday, October 7th. Weighing in 8 lbs, 7 oz. and was 20 3/4 inches long, Samantha was born at 12:42 p.m. Casey's mom announced the birth on her son's message board and shared that "Sam's middle name is after Grandma Skip as her real name is Mae." She also shared that,"Sam has a lot of dark wavy hair and is just as pretty as she can be. Mom and Dad are doing fantastic. Nana and Papa are doing pretty well too."

When we were in Talladega I saw Casey being interviewed and he really had the nicest things to say about the respect he had for his girlfriend. I have never met him, (apparently his crew chief Alan Gustafson grew up in my neighborhood here in Ormond Beach) but I was really touched at his interview. I will mention that while researching for the accurate information...I came across this horrific blog being mean to his girlfriend. Good Gravy kids, cant we all get along? Save that angst for the Kyle Busch's of the world will ya? What did she ever do to you??

Nascar goes pink

Anyone that knows me is fully aware of my obsession w/ the color pink. Anything that comes in the color pink, I have to have. Just a small example, my kitchen is full of pink small appliances and my golf clubs/bags are pink. I wanted to buy a pink cross bow at Bass Pro Shops....then I remembered, I don't hunt. I had to stop myself from buying a pink Dyson Vacuum cleaner the other day...being I already have a perfectly working purple one.

So it is fitting for me to get excited over all the pink cars on the track this weekend to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a wonderful thing that the sponsors and Nascar are doing for the Susan G Koman foundation during the month of October. It makes me sit back and recall a conversation I had 2 1/2 years ago with a certain team owner...telling him that we should paint one of the cars pink in October....and his response was "Are you going to go after Tampax to sponsor the car?" HA! Seems I wasn't that out there.

Nascar Mirrors Fashion

I just ran across an article on the Bleacher Report that spoke about Nascar, Fashion and Project Runway.... Were onto something here here

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Somewhat Nascar related

So, my Grandma...those who have had the fortune of meeting her can say that she was one of the best people to ever live. Her family used to run Moonshine w/ Junior Johnson's group, in fact my great Grandpa was shot in the head due to this and lived through it. She grew up w/ Cale Yarborough. Knew many of the original Daytona racing people...Knew Nascar before it was Nascar. This is the only reason I am writing about this in our blog. I feel it is much deserved....and it is somewhat Nascar related. When I first got involved in Nascar, my Grandma found it greatly amusing. I still to this day don't understand why but whatever, my Grandma was a hoot. She drank jack straight up, not chilled ("dont you dare let them put my Jack in one of those ice shaker things, you hear?") w/ a side of coke w/ no ice (she didnt like ice)...she danced every Saturday night and could dance any of us under a table. She killed snakes and split them open to see what was in their belly, hunted, shot squirrels, fished, and took care of her 100 acre property. She told stories, exaggerated like there was no other. She was everything I am not. Well....take that back, she was a shopaholic with a shoe problem and I am a bit of an exaggerator, so I inherited all that from her. Well, today she passed away unexpectedly. I am in utter shock to say the least. I am also a little angry at myself right now because all she has asked of me for the past 2 years was to take her to a race and introduce her to the King.....I feel the need to give her the love and the shout outs that she deserves, on our growing popular I leave this post with this...her favorite two photos. Gonna go cry myself to sleep now. I love you Tiny, Mary, Grandma, Nanny. xoxo

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hey we are just amateurs with passion...check out what some professionals said about Talladega

Its just nice to know that like in politics, there are two sides to every story and we pick this one from Sporting News Or this jewel from Thats Racing

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

well....a little tourette syndrome never hurt anyone, has it?

Excuse this dudes tourettes syndrome....but he pretty much spoke my thoughts for the past 48 hours. He is a little more angry than I but I have yet to get over it at this time.

Do whaaaaaa? Talladega Review take 3

First off, just as a general sigh of relief...all girls made it home from Talladega alive and very well. Actually our trip home was quite luxurious, but more on that later.

So, even as I was packing I was a little apprehensive....what the hell was I getting myself into?? I mean really? I grew up in Daytona Beach, I have seen the craziest of Spring Breaks....Club 3 in Daytona was scary bad could this be??

On a low note, I will tell you I was nauseous when Martin Truex Jr wrecked...the look on everyone's face from the pit box and the running towards the car was scary.... I am really glad that he was ok, that it wasn't his fault and noone had to pull a week punkins next week!

Lets get on to the high notes shall we? The trip itself was quite awesome. We were fed and given libations till we couldn't see. The first night was the most fun. Can I tell you how happy I that we are on a motor coach that had an endless supply of Red Bull...I really needed the extra energy, especially for Talladega Blvd.....the most fun was at that tent that was at the place with the thing about the stuff...dont really remember how this was THE apparent meeting spot. But there Tool was and let the party begin...all was well and we were introduced to this person and that person.

Met some guy that did sales or something for DEI...apparently this is an inside sales job as he had the personality of a pin. Have you met me? I can make friends with a fork! I was proper and inquisitive (as dur I have been in sales and marketing for 14 years) and I tried to find a common ground with him to no avail...moving on!

Then we run smack dab into Reed Sorenson and his wing man...great eyes, nice enough but did you know reed is another word for instrument as in a tool? Just saying. His wingman did a horrible job trying to save him from the claws of Blue shiny jacket Pinky Tuscadero from Grease...god bless him...he was really nice.

Saturday was awesome, Napped and watched football and ate and drank....perfect! Sunday was the race and at the end of the day my time in dega was well spent, well remembered and impressionable by all .

I will give you my two cents about the race. As you know, by default Tony Stewart is one of my favorites...thanks to Uncle Pete. I am glad that he won, but I am sad that Regan Smith not only didnt win but NASCAR didnt give him second. Thats just wrong. This is racing and this is what the fans pay to see....but that is bullcrap. What will be interesting is how this event will be portrayed in the media.I believe that this is a blessing for DEI...why?? THIS IS the bees knees for PR!!! If they pull it off right, which I have 100% confidence that they will...they can put Reegs smack dab in the Nascar Spotlight on the map as the driver who didnt go out like Cryle Busch...he is a good racer, took it like a man and god narmit deserves a fantastic sponsor next year.

Ok, I have been officially been in Alabama too long!

From our Guest Blogger, Melissa Lindsey

Talladega Weekend with the Girls!
By Melissa Lindsey

So this weekend was amazing! Here's a lil bit of how it went....
- and might I add, my husband is awesome for letting me do this girls weekend while he's in the sand box! I love you Joel!

Friday afternoon I headed to the Montgomery airport and picked up my girls, Megan and Darlynn. From the airport we proceeded to Talladega, just us girls jamming out in the truck all the way! Felt like we were headed for Spring Break or something! We got to 'dega around 3pm Friday, well to the track, but seeing how I nor Megan had been there for a while we had no clue how to get back to the Driver/Owner lot, so we stopped and talked to pretty much every security guard there, which they didn't mind at all... I mean, you've probably seen some of the stuff that goes to the infield, so they didnt mind having some nicely dressed pretty women to talk to...

So we finally made it to the motorcoach and got to relax for a lil while... we actually relaxed a lot this weekend amazingly! It was nice to just hang out. All the guys we were with were just awesome. They made sure we were well taken care of and didn't get into any trouble.
As for Friday night... we all loaded up in the golf cart and made our way out to the main inflield with all the other crazy people at Talladega Blvd! It's like a Redneck Mardi Gras on crack! We had fun just people watching! And there was plenty to watch! There was a guy wearing nothing but a tire, some old chick dancing on a makeshift pole, and much more just not enough time to name!

On Saturday us girls just hung out watching football. One of the funniest "you had to of been there" moments was on Saturday. Me, Meg and Dar were lounging outside the motorcoach watching football when Carl Edwards come walking by again. Apparently we were all staring at him, but who could resist! Carl turned and flashed that beautiful Carl Edwards smile and waved... and in a synchronized fashion all three of us raised our hands to wave and couldn't say a word! After he passed on by all we could do was look at each other with our beet red faces and bust out laughing. It wasn't like it was unusual for us to see all the drivers and say hi or anything, cause we were staying in the same lot with them, but we have a couple of those drivers that just get to us! You know, like Cutie Kasey Kahne, Dale Jr, Carl Edwards and my man Tony Stewart!

So next would be raceday.. Sunday morning we got up and got ready..headed down and walked around the garage and pits for a lil while, and just waited for the race. So when the race was about to get started we went on to Martin Truex's pit, put on our scanners and watched what we hoped was gonna be a good day for our number 1 Bass Pro Shops car...however it didn't turn out the way we hoped!! It sucked! Martin got taken out in the first big wreck of the race... Since that happend, we left the race a lil early to head to Atlanta since the girls had an early flight out on
Monday morning.

A couple side notes:
- Our wakeup call every morning was "What's Up Bitches"
- My new nickname is Hilljack...thanks Jager Bombs! lol
- We all 3 have stalkers (the drivers we see and run into everywhere!!) Megans is Carl Edwards, Darlynn's is Kyle Petty and mine is Reed Sorenson. Reed was once again everywhere we were this weekend..not to mention his motorcoach was right in front of ours!
- No mater where we were this weekend, if our beer was empty, we magically had a brand new one in our hands within 5 mins! Like I said, they took care of us very well!
- and some words frequently used... "Do Whaaat" "I Concur" "Going to the Front" and a very much used one "OMG!"

Honestly there is sooo much more, I'm just tired of writing and I'm sure if anyone has made it through reading this far, then you're probably tired of reading it too! :)
In summary, it was a great weekend and I can't wait til we get a chance to do it again! I miss my girls already!

Also.. Congrats to my Tony Stewart on the win, however I would've loved to see our Regan Smith was a crazy ending but Regan should've still gotten 2nd place! Instead they put him in 18th! It's BS!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A race full of heartbreaks

SO, Tony Stewart is my new hated driver. I try not to take things personal when it comes to Nascar....but when my friend almost gets his first Talladega of all places, only to get the win snatched out from under him infuriates me. I am so upset with Nascar. They are saying Regan tried to improve his position because Tony pushed him below the yellow line. Regan prevented a wreck when he did this. Now Regan ended up getting black flagged. Well bud...I will always consider you as the winner of this race and I couldn't have been happier with your performance yesterday.
Now, lets move onto my other heartbreak of the race....Martin Truex Jr. getting wrecked. Darlynn and I were sitting in the Bass Pro pits when the wreck happened right in front of us. It seems the boys cant get a break. How many weeks in a row have they had the car to win and end up getting screwed? Its like they cant win for losing.

Now the next chapter is the positive one about our weekend. I can honestly say, I was a little apprehensive coming into this weekend, although I was with 2 girls I love and many guys I love to be around. I was very surprised for the most part. The race was the worst part of my weekend. Who can honestly say that? I had the greatest time and all of us needed this weekend. Melissa and Darlynn have already put their two sense as to what happened so I wont need to elaborate.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Its Just Dega...."

Those were the words from Bono, "It's Just Dega". GOD what a freakin mess of a race today!?!?! Martin had a great car- Top 10 all day- even taking the lead at times.....then THE TIRES. Brian Vickers blew a front right tire, and just wiped out our Martin Truex Jr. Bad and Hard. I think they said he took a total of 5 hits. OUCH. He went high, hit the wall, got spun by multiple cars 3 more times, then hit the lower wall- HARD. They came back from commercial, and I just saw that black chevy hitting the lower wall and I immediately jumped up from my coma and was like "OH F**K"- the scanner was on delay on the computer, so the wreck had not happened yet...then I hear Joey going "Are you ok?, Martin talk to us" and it was silent. SILENT. The TV had flashed to some of the other cars...then I saw Martin out of the car, and he was pissssssssssed. Tore off his tear sheet, took his helmet off and threw it in the was bad- then they showed him walking by himself, just rubbing his hands over his head....It just SUCKED.

The girls were there, and I am sure they will talk about it first hand, cause I know they were by the Bass Pro pits when it happened. What a freakin mess.

Then- 5 to go. Our Reegs is running 2nd...I cant even write about the ending to that race. If you saw it, you know. REGAN WON THE RACE. REGAN WON THE RACE. But of course cause he got pushed under the yellow line for the pass....he got F**ked. So, no, TONY actually won the race. Probably one of the most controversial finishes all year. Poor Reegs. He really did win that race.

Have a beer for me Regan. You too Martin.

Missing the girls....

The ladies are in Dega, Bama - and I am home! Seems they are having a great time though... I am chilling on the couch this afternoon, and watching Race Day on Speed now...I just talked to Meg and Darlynn and they are getting ready to head down to the garage..I hope they send me some pics! I miss the boys! (and the girls of course) haha!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My New Haircut

Does anyone else see a resemblance to Tommy Baldwin?

Live from Talladega, it's Saturday Night Live

24 hours into the debauchery of the Talladega Girls Weekend and we already have too much to write about.

Melissa is now officially known as Hilljack.

Darlynn is frequently using the term "Doo Whaa?"

Melissa said "We got heels here"....Darlynn and I asked why she brought heels to a race, and she said "no, not heels, that large round thing over there"...."Oh Melissa, you mean Hills."

Apparently they are making King of the Heel into a movie and the worlds largest casting call for Boomhauer is taking place in front of our very eyes.

I was proposed to by a complete stranger last night....oddly enough, he had all his teeth.

The 3 of us must be in one of those naked dreams because people are staring at us like they have never seen a woman.

We cock blocked for Reed. The girl was wearing a shiny blue satin jacket.

Talladega Blvd. was giving out Hep C and Staff infections last tattoos in the infield. I can only imagine it now....Look MA! I got a JR tattoo in Dega. WOOO.

On the plus side, it is Saturday and I have not seen the infield care center yet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bringing our "A" game??

So, I was asked today if we were bringing our "A" game to Dega. Being as we are girls that grew up in the Spring Break capitol of the world....I have to say, would you expect anything less? Then again, we are a little bit older now and may not understand today's terminology of an "A" game. I asked some of our boys, then took it upon myself to find out exactly what we were getting into. I came across an answer, and from all all came from the Urban Dictionary.

Definition of an "A" game

1) A player's (or his lesser counterparts) best game, one usally brings his A game when the women are more attractive and therefore a greater challenge. Derived from the grade in school, "A"

2) The term can also be used for other definitions of game, such as:
a. Q: why didnt you get her number?
A: she didnt see my A game
Remark: she didnt see your B or C game either

3) Better bring your A game for the halo tournament....(or in our case the drinking we will be doing in Dega.)

The funniest thing to me is the tags this definition had: Game; Player; Mack; Pick Up; Flirt

So tell me, what is your definition of an "A" game?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Its a boy!!

This week, we welcome another member to our NASCAR family

Please welcome Ryder Michael Lavalette, son of Haskell Lavalette, Camping World Series crew chief for the #1 Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet driver Trevor Bayne. Congrats Raskell!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I believe that we have seen it all!

Ladies Ladies Ladies, step right up and get your one of kind LADYBUDS...yes they are earring, and they are earplugs....wait for it....all in one! Yours now, in designer styles of ugly, butt ugly and oh no she didnt....

Whats next? Scanner Headbands??

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nascar, Nascar, Nascar.....why????

I saw something tonight that made my eyes bleed, then after I regained vision and nearly died of laughter, I felt I must share. I stumbled across Nascar shoes....yes....Nascar shoes. Not only do they have the Nascar label and full endorsement; they are hideous. Track Lizard's, Track Bunny's, whatever animal you want to be this week, line it up. Its your time to shine. Oh, and they are 1/2 off at Sears!! Dear god help us all. If you don't believe me, please visit and check out the Nascar shoes....swear to you, I am not lying. Paging...ahem... Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik and my favorite wallet drainer, Christian Louboutin.....HELP....anyone?? Hello??? I guess not.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Angels have answered my

So tonite I went to the movies, and just before the movie they showed a PSA for the National Guard...which we all know is our lil Juneybugs sponser....and some of you may not know this, but I know Darlynn and Megan do....I am quite obsessed with one Mr Kid Rock....Like crazy obsessed...Darlynn was with me upon my first meeting with Kid...I beleive the convo went something like this:

Ally - hi. um. hi. thats all i have to say. Im not gonna say anything else
Kid Rock- Well, why are you not gonna say anything else?
Ally - in fear of looking like an asshole...Im can die in peace now, thank you.
Kid Rock - laughs- aww honey its all good.

Then he took a picture with me and licked my face. I wish I could find that damn thing...

Anyways - here is the PSA I watched anyone can not love Kid Rock + Dale Jr= the greatest thing since sliced bread....and NO, its not Joey Lagano.

Sweet Tea Vodka!!!

I know what your thinking....I thought it too. How could they ever make Sweet Tea flavored vodka and why? This weekend, at one of the many wedding parties I attended, one soon to be bride named Lawton decided to bring down a few handle bottles of Firefly Vodka to make her new favorite drink. She brought me a drink and I warily sipped it.....then gulped it....and am now a fellow Firefly addict. Seriously, this is the most dangerous drink. It tastes EXACTLY like sweet tea. You mix equal parts of water and Vodka, add 2 lemon wedges and voila! I also added some simple syrup since I am a Southern Gal and like my sweet tea super sweet.

This is a perfect raceday drink!! I have decided that we MUST have it for our Talladega trip. Being the smarty pants I am, I called Wendy and had her pick me up 2 bottles from a liquor store in NC. I was planning on sending them to Melissa in Alabama. Well, apparenlty, you can't ship alcohol! I found a website that will ship it....but guess what....they don't ship to Alabama! I don't think Delta will appreciate me taking Firefly on as my carryon. GRRRR.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Rubber Ducks?

I wish they made a duck as Kyle Busch. I like to throw things when when I get mad watching football.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A 35 pound princess and a 50 pound trophy

Ok, I am having a sappy moment right now and I admit, I am a bit teary eyed. Carl Edwards is known for giving his trophy’s away. He gave his most recent Nationwide trophy to 4 year old Emma Mitchum who was born with a form of Spina Bifida, a disease that causes her spine and other organs to grow and function incorrectly. She is the typical 4 year old that loves princesses, the color pink and now Carl Edwards (hey, we share 3 things in common!). She has already endured 3 operations on her spine with an addition to another which will help her function better. Carl heard of Emma through one of his crew guys, Darren Beach, whose wife is related to her. "Darren and I grew up together. Our dads raced each other. He's been there, by my side, and we've been friends and worked together since I ran race cars out of my garage at home," said Edwards. "After I won that race, Darren has never asked me for a thing, and he said, ‘If you don't have a place for that trophy to go, I got a place for it.' He told me about Emma and how much she's gone through at a really young age, how strong she is, and I figured she deserved the trophy as much as I did and would appreciate it even more."
Lets say my adoration of Carl just went up 5 notches.

Sorry to be such a sap....hell, Darlynn cries at every National Anthem...I suppose I can be sappy on this blog one time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Megans take on the 12

After race one of the Chase, I felt the need to write about the 12 boys going for the cup.

Carl Edwards (5220)
Since the beginning of the season, I have been saying that Carl was going to win the cup. Yes, I am biased but I have felt for 2 years now that Carl is the greatest driver on the circuit. My prediction is Carl is the winner. Lets see what would make a perfect 2008....Carl winning the cup, my buddy Regan Smith winning rookie of the year, the Gators winning the National Title and Tebow winning back to back Heisman Trophys.....hey, a girl can dream right!?

Jimmie Johnson (5220)
Jimmie has the experience of winning 2 cups in a row. Can he do 3? It will be tough and there will be a lot of "3-pete" pressure on him but if anyone can do it, it will be him. Jimmie is a comeback kid. I like Jimmie, he is a classy guy.

Greg Biffle (-30)
Biff has been very impressive this year. Do I really think he will do it? No...I think it will come down to Carl and Jimmie, and I hate to say it....Kyle....who will probably win a few more races and make me sick. Gag.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (-50)
In Nascar Nations perfect world, boy wonder will win the cup and make all the trillions of Jr. fans dreams come true. It would boost Nascars ratings. It wont happen though. Next year, maybe. Not this year. Lets try to have someone other than Hendricks win the cup this year.

Jeff Burton (-50)
Yawn. Not happening.

Denny Hamlin (-72)
Denny is a "fast" learner. Can he pull off a Championship? We will have to wait and see over the next few weeks.

Tony Stewart (-73)
I seriously doubt Tony will pull through this year. His heart isn't in it. He thinks it is a one man show. When you make comments like "Good job there, guys, we gave another one away today. Great job". Zip had to remind him that they are all in this together. "We win and lose as a team. It was a great effort, okay? Enough of that shit." Your not going to win a cup with this attidue Smoke.

Kyle Busch (-74)
Hey, how did you get all the way down here Kyle?? Welcome to the Chase my friend. It is a whole new ballgame now. Go whine some. I am sure you will be back in contention in the next few weeks. Just please don't win at Talladega. I dont want to travel all that way to see you win another race being you have won 2 of the 4 races I have attended this year. Thanks in advance!

Clint Bowyer (-83)
I don't see this happening, sorry Clint.

Kevin Harvick (-86)
It has taken me 2 years to like Kevin again after the 500 2 years ago, which prevented me from going to victory lane w/ Mark Martin. He has the talent, the Nascar wife who sits atop his pitbox in her firesuit clocking lap times, but does he have the car to do it? We will have to wait and see.

Jeff Gordon (-99)
I will keep my comments about Jeff's possibilities to myself until after tomorrows race. He won the pole, he has the fastest car....if he wins tomorrow, who knows what will happen.

Matt Kenseth (-177)
Not a chance in hell. Sorry Matt.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Junebug is a Junemonster!!

So, I am sitting here watching Nascar NOW on ESPN - going thru the haps and whatnot of this week in Nascar....and apparently, we missed this....Dale Jr and Tony Jr had WORDS over the radio!!!!

I am still looking for this story, since I caught the end of it on the Nascar show...but they interviewed Juney and he said "Ya'll can listen if you want, but keep your opinions to yourself..I am trying to do business out there" - I guess it got heated enough that owner Rick Hendrick had to jump on the radio to calm June down.....

June never gets mad!! And Bob never has a second cup of coffee at home?? (Airplane reference for you guys)

Fashionista Friday

This past Saturday, while Darlynn and I were watching College Football, drinking a few too many beers, we decided to converse with the boys in Louden. I don't really remember how the conversations went but one thing we know for sure is that it was cold it was up there. This made me a little sad since it is so damn hot in FL but it showed a glimmer of hope....Fall is upon us which means we are that much closer to breaking out our winter wardrobe! All 3 of the Fashionistas are Floridians and we are all equally obsessed with winter clothing. If you were to look in my closet, you would think I resided in Maine with my 20 coats, Boots galore and 11 pairs of Ugg's (I am not exaggerating and I have no idea how I have so many).

3 years ago, the style of knee high boots over skinny jeans became a hit. In fact, it became very popular with the Nascar Wives and Girlfriends. It is such a great look, even today, three years later. Although I love the look, I personally don't like wearing heals on pit road. Well, this has all changed. I found these fabulous Kenneth Cole boots on, which I intend on purchasing for this winter. They come in black, brown and tan and they are only $159!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"I smell a rat"

Even Kelly thinks Kyle is a rat. They sure are making Circus Monkeys out of these boys....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Way to Go Bono!!!!

Finally the nation is catching on to what we have known forever! Our very own Kevin Bono Manion is a PROBLEM SOLVER! Like Nascar's version of Einstein... please read below on the very prestigious award he received on Sunday in New Hampshire.

Truex's crew chief wins Problem Solver award

Kevin Manion, crew chief on the Dale Earnhardt Inc. #1 Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Chevrolet driven by Martin Truex Jr. in the Sylvania 300 wins the Moog Problem Solver of the Race award.

The award is presented to the crew chief whose team finishes in the top 10 and posts the largest increase in average lap speed (-.734 sec) from the first half to second half of a race. Truex moved up two spots to 15th in the 2008 Sprint Cup point standings after his 7th place finish in Sunday's race at the New Hampshire Motor

Here he is below explaining to Martn Einstein's Law of Relativity....

Congrats Bono!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A comment off of HABV Facebook

Sometimes, things make me really laugh REALLY hard....

Russell W. Reed wrote at 2:15pm
I was at NHMS on Friday, too bad it got rained out. I was the one wearing the Earnhardt Jr gear from top to bottom that was standing by the track on the straightway where pit road is. Wish I could've stayed longer, but left...
Oh you were that guy? The one from head to toe junior gear? Thank you so much for clearing that up for us!!

My brother Joey Nangano is racing today, the Home Depot commercial was great...Keep Digging My Little Pony!