Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nascar Junkies

The trials and tribulations of 3 Nascar junkies.....First I have to state that NO, we do not stalk drivers to get their photos. We know many of these guys personally. Once you have an "in" in the Nascar world, it is easy to get to know people. Then you become well known on Pit Road and it's all over from there. Just imagine walking in the garage and a crew chief stops what he is doing to scream "skanks" at you! (he's kidding) I know that sounds bad but the "MY NEW HAIRCUT" video on youtube and too much Moonshine had a lot to do with that. Or how about Darlynn and Ally who became known at Darlington '07 as "The two girls in black cowboy hats" by pretty much everyone on pit row. I got a call from a certain driver friend of mine who starts telling me about these girls who were talk of the garage. Well, go figure, they were my best friends. To boot, at this years Pepsi, scratch that Coke 400, someone came up to them and asked if they were the "two girls in black cowboy hats". It is almost ridiculous.

So below, I would like to share some of our photos with you.

Ally and Tony Stewart

Megan and Carl Edwards

Darlynn and Ally with Martin Truex Jr.

Ally and Dale Jr. at Whiskey River

Wendy and Megan with Mark Martin

Megan and Wendy with Kasey Kahne

Megan with Regan Smith and his girlfriend Megan

Wendy, Megan and Keri with Michael Waltrip

Megan and Kelly with Kurt Busch

Megan with Joe Nemechek and his son, John Hunter

Ocean Deck, July 08......Although they may not drive the car, they are the "nuts" and bolts that hold the car together. From L-R, Darlynn, Clark (Mechanic for #1 car), Ally Rocker, Megan, Tommy Baldwin (Crew Chief for #22), Kevin "Bono" Manion (Crew Chief for #1).

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