Sunday, August 31, 2008

A confession, almost a little embarrassing

Well, Megan is out of town and Ally is at a luau and I guess what again am having a little issue with my headache...again, I figured I would do a quick blogity doo....First off,will bonsey be back next week?? I am getting antsy. Its not the same. Its HARD HARD HARD to listen to strangers...

Well, here is the confession....although I LOVE the race itself all the laps and the action, my absolute favorite part of the race is the pre race ceremony. I LOVE the national anthem and the most famous words in racing! I get chills really is my favorite, and maybe one day I will be able to say those famous four words...I mean, a girl can dream right? There have had no ones do it...why not Queen Shit from Fucktown? I would rock it! Next to that and "We've got a great show tonight, stick around and we will be right back" i know you are loling...its just on my bucket list!
Another thought,why is June Bug always by himself, how long does he has to court a lass before she gets to stand with him during this time??

He looks lonely and needs a hug...

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