Thursday, August 28, 2008

"You have got to be kidding me"

Megan and I were at Daytona in July when Randy Moss unveiled his new truck team! How exciting, we just happened to be standing right there, as the cameras rolled, and flashbulbs was like paparazzi central! When Megan asked the person in front of us very quietly "Who is that???!" and they enthusiastically replied, "Randy Moss, he has a truck team now!!!" - I unfortunately was thinking out loud again, and said, quite obnoxiously "OHHH You have got to be kidding me?" to which I was greeted with stares and glares.....WOOPS!!! I hate thinking outloud!!!! But apparently Racing News agrees with me....see below!


Randy Moss, the man who combined with Tom Brady to give us quite the fantasy football season last year (and, apparently, helped take the Patriots to the Super Bowl), is going to be starting a NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team. Fox Sports is reporting that Moss hopes to get the team running in races later this year in advance of a full 2009 season. At the moment he lacks a manufacturer, a driver and a sponsor. But he's Randy Moss, so that doesn't much matter. Plus, if Dan Marino and Troy Aikman can do it why can't he?

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haha!! we are funny