Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bringing our "A" game??

So, I was asked today if we were bringing our "A" game to Dega. Being as we are girls that grew up in the Spring Break capitol of the world....I have to say, would you expect anything less? Then again, we are a little bit older now and may not understand today's terminology of an "A" game. I asked some of our boys, then took it upon myself to find out exactly what we were getting into. I came across an answer, and from all all came from the Urban Dictionary.

Definition of an "A" game

1) A player's (or his lesser counterparts) best game, one usally brings his A game when the women are more attractive and therefore a greater challenge. Derived from the grade in school, "A"

2) The term can also be used for other definitions of game, such as:
a. Q: why didnt you get her number?
A: she didnt see my A game
Remark: she didnt see your B or C game either

3) Better bring your A game for the halo tournament....(or in our case the drinking we will be doing in Dega.)

The funniest thing to me is the tags this definition had: Game; Player; Mack; Pick Up; Flirt

So tell me, what is your definition of an "A" game?

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