Saturday, October 4, 2008

Live from Talladega, it's Saturday Night Live

24 hours into the debauchery of the Talladega Girls Weekend and we already have too much to write about.

Melissa is now officially known as Hilljack.

Darlynn is frequently using the term "Doo Whaa?"

Melissa said "We got heels here"....Darlynn and I asked why she brought heels to a race, and she said "no, not heels, that large round thing over there"...."Oh Melissa, you mean Hills."

Apparently they are making King of the Heel into a movie and the worlds largest casting call for Boomhauer is taking place in front of our very eyes.

I was proposed to by a complete stranger last night....oddly enough, he had all his teeth.

The 3 of us must be in one of those naked dreams because people are staring at us like they have never seen a woman.

We cock blocked for Reed. The girl was wearing a shiny blue satin jacket.

Talladega Blvd. was giving out Hep C and Staff infections last tattoos in the infield. I can only imagine it now....Look MA! I got a JR tattoo in Dega. WOOO.

On the plus side, it is Saturday and I have not seen the infield care center yet.

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