Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dale Jrs take on Regan and Talladega

I promise this will be my final post about Regan Smith at Talladega. I have had many conversations over the past week regarding the controversial ending at Talladega. Again, I am biased being I am friends with Regan. Nevertheless, if it were Juan Pablo that got screwed out of the win, I would still be shaking my head at Nascar. You can not sit here and tell me that if it were Dale Jr. that was pushed below the yellow line, that he would not have come out of that race as the winner. Oh, thats right...its happened to JR before and he DID come out the winner! Nascar rules are Nascar rules...until an unsponsored rookie almost takes the win from Sir Tony Stewart. Click here for the article has regarding Dale Jrs take ont he race. One day, we will all be sitting in winner circle screaming winner winner chicken dinner.

I am ending this with a few quotes from JR.

"It was exactly the same. I was forced below (the yellow line) and that was declared OK,"

"I know for a fact Regan didn't go down the front straightaway with a plan to pass (Stewart) on the apron. He was under (Stewart) on the race track when Tony came down and he was forced onto the apron."

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