Friday, October 17, 2008

The Martinsville Hot Dog

I consider myself a Hot Dog connoisseur. Every time I go to NY, I eat so many hot dogs that I get sick. When Darlynn and I went to Beverly Hills, the most important thing for me to do while I was there was to try a world famous Pinks hot dog. My Birthday party was catered last year and I asked for a hot dog get the idea.

The first time I went to Martinsville, I was estatic about trying their world famous hot dog. It's all the group spoke of on the way up to the race, being they knew my fondness of hot dogs. So imagine me, this very excited girl, about to try the famous a good visual? Ok, I am at the counter and they asked what I wanted on it. I ordered 2. One the way I like it (relish, spicy mustard, ketchup) and one the Martinsville way (chili, mustard, onions, and vinegar-based slaw...minus the onions). I remember clearly, looking at that hot dog like it had 10 heads once I unwrapped it from the wax paper. IT WAS RED. Not pink. RED. It was so red, the bun was red. I was mortified. So, I shrugged off the fear of the red dog and took a bite. made its way to the garbage can faster than one could imagine. I thought I had been punked! I swear to you on my life, when I threw away those 2 hot dogs, I got the look of death from surrounding crew members that were waiting in line to buy boxes of these things.I just dont understand it! Can someone please explain this madness?

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