Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The SEC Championship game

Over the next two months, we will be finding other stuff to blog about with the absence of Nascar. Don't be surprised to find some random stuff....like football, cooking, shopping, traveling, etc. Hopefully, we will have plenty to write about!

The Florida/Alabama game is this weekend and I can not wait until I can stop hearing band waggon jumpers screaming Roll Tide Roll. So annoying. The only good thing about Alabama is that they can wear hounds tooth as part of their school colors. Bama is going to be another victim of the Florida Gators high-powered offense and hard hitting defense. Lets check out the stats....

Florida Category Alabama
212.3 Passing Offense 69.3
237.1 Rushing Offense 201.5
449.4 Total Offense 370.8
46.3 Scoring Offense 32.1
172.9 Passing Defense 174.9
102.8 Rushing Defense 73.6
275.7 Total Defense 248.5
12.2 Scoring Defense 11.5
263 1st Downs 230
.489 3rd Down Conv. .424
.688 4th Down Conv.
Penalties-Yards 48-422
19-8 Fumbles-Lost 18-9

Numbers don't lie.

Now lets talk about the 2008 season for both teams. Bama and FL played 6 of the same teams in 2008. Florida scored higher in 4 of these 6 games.

Florida 30 vs Tennessee 6 - Alabama 29 vs Tennessee 9.

Florida 38 vs Arkansas 7 - Alabama 49 vs Arkansas 14

Ole Miss
Florida 30 vs Ole Miss 31 - Alabama 24 vs Ole Miss 20

Florida 51 vs LSU 21 - Alabama 27 vs LSU 21 (in overtime)

Florida 63 vs Kentucky 5 - Alabama 17 vs Kentucky 14

Florida 49 vs Georgia 10 - Alabama 41 vs Georgia 30

Bama is going into this weekend's game undefeated while FL has a 1 point loss against them; vs. Ole Miss (who Bama also played Ole Miss and only won by 4 points). Between the schedule results and the stats, it is clear that Florida is the better team. Take a look at the Kentucky, Georgia and LSU game. Bama struggled in all 3 while Florida ate them and spit them out for breakfast. I am not being cocky, again, numbers don't lie.

I can not wait until Saturday!!

GO GATORS! Let's go secure that 2nd Heisman for Tim Tebow!

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