Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Darlynn's take on the nicknames...finally!

Greetings from Vomit Village!

I believe this is my first actual real post on this blog...although there has been no lack of entertainment, I wanted to put my input in on our love for nicknames and how it really kind of was an accident and now has become a full fledged hobby.
My Nascar influence is life long, believe it or not...I was still in my mothers stomach as my uncle and her sat in the same winston, sprint whatever you want to call it tower seats in July of '73. Every February my uncle comes down from his home in long island and sits in these seats to this day. I laugh at him, his atypicalness of it all...with all his teeth and his aristocrat ways, he defys that wrong redneck perception of a NASCAR fan.
Untill I started working for a MRN affiliate thirteen years ago, i didnt really follow other than my uncles gentle orders AJ Foyt! Tony Stewart! There is a time when Ally and I were backstage (what I refer to as the garage and pits) that I couldnt tell you Mike Helton from Richard Petty (come on...they do look a little bit alike minus the hat).
A few years ago, I had a nascar related event to where for the first time I had to know all the numbers all the drivers all the teams ally and i made a game that we could change the name of the drivers as long as we stayed within the same team. It really helped!! But, what fun to see at the horrified looks at fellow race fans as I screamed look its Casey McMears! Its the little things really....
I believe the vast of the nicknames with the #1 boys had to be from was pretty easy based on our limited amount of activities...with Sammy strips a lot, will rocks a lot, tits mcgee...which just was so much easier to scream than tool mittons...same initials you see.
And the Doodle...boy do I regret this one...maybe because its not the manliest but again I was on a kick and just came home from seeing my brand new niece who was as cute as a was meant as a pet name, a compliment...I just didnt think it would stick universally...and i guess thankfully it wasnt the time that i called everything punkin or pookie...things could have been must worse...i assure you. And apparently Clark period isnt sticking either...and doodle strips a lot... well, would be a repeat and just doesnt roll off the tongue as easy!
So there it is... my not as funny but a little bit more of the inside on the reasoning why grown women in their 30's spend hours laughing at these little names...
see you soon!!

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