Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sweet Tea Vodka!!!

I know what your thinking....I thought it too. How could they ever make Sweet Tea flavored vodka and why? This weekend, at one of the many wedding parties I attended, one soon to be bride named Lawton decided to bring down a few handle bottles of Firefly Vodka to make her new favorite drink. She brought me a drink and I warily sipped it.....then gulped it....and am now a fellow Firefly addict. Seriously, this is the most dangerous drink. It tastes EXACTLY like sweet tea. You mix equal parts of water and Vodka, add 2 lemon wedges and voila! I also added some simple syrup since I am a Southern Gal and like my sweet tea super sweet.

This is a perfect raceday drink!! I have decided that we MUST have it for our Talladega trip. Being the smarty pants I am, I called Wendy and had her pick me up 2 bottles from a liquor store in NC. I was planning on sending them to Melissa in Alabama. Well, apparenlty, you can't ship alcohol! I found a website that will ship it....but guess what....they don't ship to Alabama! I don't think Delta will appreciate me taking Firefly on as my carryon. GRRRR.

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