Wednesday, January 7, 2009


In less than 2 days, I will be at the BCS championship game in Miami. I cant sleep and I honestly feel like a 5 year old at Christmas waiting on Santa. When I heard the National Championship game was in Miami this year, I dreamt that FL would make it, giving me a chance to go to the game. I had this strong sense of confidence we would make all the way...ask any of my friends who had to hear my mouth all season long. Yet....we lost to Ole Miss by 1 point and from there on, I thought we had no chance.....then one by one, fate made its way. Now here I am, a little more than 24 hours away from heading to Miami to watch my boys try for the title. Not to mention, I have the greatest seats ever. I am being classy and I refuse to speak smack about Oklahoma or Sam Bradford, but it is going to be Heisman vs Heisman, the true 08 Heisman winner will show through and I cant wait to see it in person. GO GATORS!!!!

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