Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tommy Baldwin Racing!?

According to Jayski.com and a few friends, I found out tonight that Tommy Baldwin, a great friend of ours, is starting a Sprint Cup team and is aggressively shooting towards running in 51st annual Daytona 500. Wow, that will be one party that we will sure be attending. We are already trying to prep our livers for those 2 weeks, god help us all!!!!

Tommy's team, Tommy Baldwin Racing, is planning on competing full time in the Sprint Cup. He has 12 years of experience in the Cup, not to mention he is a winning Daytona 500 Crew Chief. You can read all of it here on jayskis site. I couldn't be happier to write this blog. Honestly, I was online to find information on the new Reality series, Nascar Wives when I decided I am way too cranky to speak of that show right now. Of course Tommy takes precedence over a silly reality show. So many congrats to you Tommy!! You know you already have a few cheerleaders on your side!!!!


Ally said...

I am so happy for FYB...I cant wait for the rumor mill to start on who he is really looking at to drive that ride...and wow, we are a mere few weeks away from Daytona. TIME TO START WORK AGAIN!

Darlynn said...

I just wanted to add that if there was ever one to take on such a venture, its definitely FYB....who im not even sure likes jaeger just to be clear...It will be exciting to watch and we will be on the sidelines cheering shamelessly with cowbells in hand xoxo