Friday, April 3, 2009

NASCAR awards banquet moving to Vegas baby!!

It looks like Bruton Smith finally got his way. NASCAR is moving it's year end banquet to Las Vegas. Now boys and girls, this is exciting news. The NASCAR banquet isn't exactly the most entertaining events of the year. It always confused me a bit that it took place in Manhattan. Let's face it, NASCAR fans aren't as common as hot dog stands in the Big Apple.

Smith has been quoted saying "Maybe we could sell 10,000 tickets to the race fans and let them come and enjoy the festivities, that's what I'd like to see". Well Mr. Smith, that is what I would like to see too. Turn this once boring event into a fan filled weekend and maybe, just maybe more people would show interest in the awards ceremony, bringing more money to NASCAR.

The only thing that would make us happier than moving it to Vegas, would be moving it back to Daytona Beach (it was moved from DB to NYC in 1981). This is purely based off of selfish reasons!

Does anyone remember the 2006 awards banquet when Kyle Busch was giving his thank you speech and he called his then girlfriend Erica Dewey by his brothers wives name Eva? That was the entertainment of the night. I am looking forward to the awards show in Vegas for sure!

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