Friday, April 3, 2009

Wait a minute, did they go too far or do we take this sport so seriously?

Magazine's Obama-NASCAR hoax creates April Fool's stir
By Larry Marshak, USA TODAY

A Car and Driver April Fool's hoax on the Web, reporting President Obama had ordered Chevrolet and Dodge out of NASCAR after the 2009 season, turned into a sizzling Internet topic Wednesday.

"Just when we thought we could take a breather from Barack Obama's wacky policies, he reached across the Atlantic today to drop another one on us," wrote Sandra Rose at "Naturally, NASCAR fans are outraged."

Car and Driver later pulled the fake story (which estimated savings of $250 million between the manufacturers) and apologized for "going too far" while noting the magazine " has a proud tradition of irreverent editorial and we amplify that each year with our April Fool's Day joke."

The mea culpa wasn't enough for Denny Darnell, who does public relations for Dodge's motor sports program. He wrote in an e-mail that "I've been in this business more than 30 years and I
have never seen a story so irresponsible."

Lighten up Francis! This isnt irresponsible! No innocent children or kittens were harmed in this April Fool's experient! Just think how far NASCAR could have gone with this American tradition:

This just In! Joey Lagano is really 38 with an incredible baby face (how earth does he get so tall otherwhise)!

Newsflash! Michael Waltrip leaves 09 season to go on a 12 week tour performing his comedic stylings-opening for Dane Cook coming to a city near you....

Breaking News! President Obama trades France and relocates the entire sport of NASCAR to its country in exchange for a Carla Bruni Vegas style show in to begin in early '10.

Just a reminder not to get too worked up on April Fools Day...and to not get had! Its all in good fun :)

Will this be the new colors of our sport?

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coffee maker said...

Car and Driver has at least gotten a lot of publicity for their Nascar April Fool's stunt; the question is -- is bad publicity better than no publicity at all?