Monday, May 11, 2009

Allright Tweeps, this one is for you!

For those of you who care little that Ashton was the first to hit a million followers...for those of you who are enthralled to see what your favorite Tweeps are doing during the #NASCAR race...and for those of you who will be in Charlotte for the All Star Festivities, THIS IS FOR YOU! Oh and its held at this little bar that one certain driver owns..whats his name, Dennis, Dave...oh yeah, Dale!.

UltimateRaceDay is an event brand for the racing lifestyle that is a SmashUp of NASCAR fans, automotive enthusiasts and social media.

UltimateRaceDay (URD) unites fans trackside, on the streets, online and wherever you are. This global community transforms the racing experience into a new lifestyle phenomenon, introducing individuals to other enthusiasts, bound by their shared passion for racing and social media. This fusion of racing and technology illuminates not only the race, but also the shared content, the online fan community, and associated sponsors. Visible, viral and fun, URD is a dedicated press box for citizen journalists, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and all who are passionate race fans. Together we create a checkered flag experience for social media SmashUps!!!

You are cordially invited to join UltimateRaceDay on Saturday, May 22nd for our inaugural SmashUp at Whiskey River (owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr. ) in Charlotte, NC. From 6-9 pm. The tweet-up starts at the Mechanical Bull bar (and who knows where it goes from there). Cash Bar.

About UltmateRaceDay
Founded by Stephanie Agresta (@stephagresta) and Chris McCaffrey (@chrismccaffrey) Ultimate Race Day creates a unique and highly visible networking and personal branding events by facilitating real world interaction and providing everything attendees need to blog and tweet the experience. Join the movement at

About Whiskey River

With a unique blend of rock and country music, VIP tables and mechanical bull riding, live music and electrifying DJs, Whisky River is unlike any party you've seen before. Situated in the EpiCentre with breathtaking views of Uptown Charlotte and Bobcats Arena, Whisky River really is in the center of it all.


Stephanie Agresta said...

You guys rock! We can't wait to meet you in person. Did you know that hanging IRL is the new black? :)

See you in Charlotte.

Stephanie & Chris

Christopher said...

Thanks Fashionistas!!! We look forward to seeing you at Whiskey River and LMS over Memorial Day weekend and many more races to come!!!

Stephanie & Chris