Monday, May 4, 2009

The Biff gets braces

All I have to say is....I feel your pain Greg Biffle. Greg got braces a few weeks ago and I am sure he was in for a rude awakening after his first day. I can say this since I too had braces as an adult. I made the decision in September 2007 and had to wear them for 14 months. I even threw myself a party the day the devils came off.

I am sure a lot of people (myself included) wonder why Greg didn't get invisalign or veneers but the answer lies in this video. He mentioned that he is getting 3M braces (a perk of driving for 3M??). According to their website they are "self-ligating" and do not require your orthodontist to use elastic bands. Why wasn't this an option when I got braces?!

What my made my situation so awful was that I had the upper and lower rubber bands which kept my jaws in line. I lived off of soup, mashed potatoes and french fries for 6 months. I was completely insecure over having braces as an adult and to make matters worse, I got ridiculed at the race track. For instance, Sterling Marlin teased me for weeks that I was 27 and had a face full of metal. I was in pain, I was teased and it felt like middle school all over again. Here's hoping that The Biff has a more pleasant experience than I had.

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