Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mutt Muffs!

I was checking out our new followers on twitter this morning and came across @MuttMuffs.
According to their website, Mutt Muffs were inspired by pilots who know the noise level of the cockpit is unsafe for Man or beast. Mutt Muffs offer hearing protection for your four-legged family members. Your dog's keenest sense is smell and number two is hearing. If you think something is loud, your dog is probably in pain. After heredity, long exposure to loud noise is the biggest contributor to deafness.

This is such a great invention for people that are on the road with their animals, especially for the many drivers who bring their furballs to the track w/ them. I can see it now.....

Speaking of pups, I am the proud owner of the sweetest, cutest dachshund in this world. His name is Deezyl, weighs 8 lbs, hates loud noises and has a thing for my Burberry jacket (he's a fashionista by nature).
Deezyl @ his Grandmas on my jacket

There have been many times that I wanted to take Deezyl to the track with me. The only thing that holds me back is that Deezyl HATES loud noises. I know this since I live directly in-between 2 airports (Daytona International Airport and Spruce Creek Fly-In) and he feels the need to run outside, on the golf course and yell at the planes. Every. Single. Time. And Thunderstorms? Forget it! Maybe he will be making his first appearance to a race sometime soon! Regardless, I will still be picking up a pair since they also work for fireworks. This seals the deal for me. Just ask my Mom, who has to deal w/ Deezyl during the Pepsi (Firecracker, Coke, Coke Zero, whatever) 400 firework show....

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Syd said...

My first reaction was to laugh, "oh, poor pups are gonna look so stupid in those things". Then I realized how we look at the track, wearing those big yellow headphones. So, uh...never mind.

Your dog is cutie-poo.

Hey look! I commented w/o cussing! LOL (poo doesn't count, does it?)