Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Do whaaaaaa? Talladega Review take 3

First off, just as a general sigh of relief...all girls made it home from Talladega alive and very well. Actually our trip home was quite luxurious, but more on that later.

So, even as I was packing I was a little apprehensive....what the hell was I getting myself into?? I mean really? I grew up in Daytona Beach, I have seen the craziest of Spring Breaks....Club 3 in Daytona was scary enough....how bad could this be??

On a low note, I will tell you I was nauseous when Martin Truex Jr wrecked...the look on everyone's face from the pit box and the running towards the car was scary.... I am really glad that he was ok, that it wasn't his fault and noone had to pull a Rhianna...next week punkins next week!

Lets get on to the high notes shall we? The trip itself was quite awesome. We were fed and given libations till we couldn't see. The first night was the most fun. Can I tell you how happy I that we are on a motor coach that had an endless supply of Red Bull...I really needed the extra energy, especially for Talladega Blvd.....the most fun was at that tent that was at the place with the thing about the stuff...dont really remember how this was THE apparent meeting spot. But there Tool was and let the party begin...all was well and we were introduced to this person and that person.

Met some guy that did sales or something for DEI...apparently this is an inside sales job as he had the personality of a pin. Have you met me? I can make friends with a fork! I was proper and inquisitive (as dur I have been in sales and marketing for 14 years) and I tried to find a common ground with him to no avail...moving on!

Then we run smack dab into Reed Sorenson and his wing man...great eyes, nice enough but did you know reed is another word for instrument as in a tool? Just saying. His wingman did a horrible job trying to save him from the claws of Blue shiny jacket Pinky Tuscadero from Grease...god bless him...he was really nice.

Saturday was awesome, Napped and watched football and ate and drank....perfect! Sunday was the race and at the end of the day my time in dega was well spent, well remembered and impressionable by all .

I will give you my two cents about the race. As you know, by default Tony Stewart is one of my favorites...thanks to Uncle Pete. I am glad that he won, but I am sad that Regan Smith not only didnt win but NASCAR didnt give him second. Thats just wrong. This is racing and this is what the fans pay to see....but that is bullcrap. What will be interesting is how this event will be portrayed in the media.I believe that this is a blessing for DEI...why?? THIS IS the bees knees for PR!!! If they pull it off right, which I have 100% confidence that they will...they can put Reegs smack dab in the Nascar Spotlight on the map as the driver who didnt go out like Cryle Busch...he is a good racer, took it like a man and god narmit deserves a fantastic sponsor next year.

Ok, I have been officially been in Alabama too long!

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