Thursday, October 9, 2008

Somewhat Nascar related

So, my Grandma...those who have had the fortune of meeting her can say that she was one of the best people to ever live. Her family used to run Moonshine w/ Junior Johnson's group, in fact my great Grandpa was shot in the head due to this and lived through it. She grew up w/ Cale Yarborough. Knew many of the original Daytona racing people...Knew Nascar before it was Nascar. This is the only reason I am writing about this in our blog. I feel it is much deserved....and it is somewhat Nascar related. When I first got involved in Nascar, my Grandma found it greatly amusing. I still to this day don't understand why but whatever, my Grandma was a hoot. She drank jack straight up, not chilled ("dont you dare let them put my Jack in one of those ice shaker things, you hear?") w/ a side of coke w/ no ice (she didnt like ice)...she danced every Saturday night and could dance any of us under a table. She killed snakes and split them open to see what was in their belly, hunted, shot squirrels, fished, and took care of her 100 acre property. She told stories, exaggerated like there was no other. She was everything I am not. Well....take that back, she was a shopaholic with a shoe problem and I am a bit of an exaggerator, so I inherited all that from her. Well, today she passed away unexpectedly. I am in utter shock to say the least. I am also a little angry at myself right now because all she has asked of me for the past 2 years was to take her to a race and introduce her to the King.....I feel the need to give her the love and the shout outs that she deserves, on our growing popular I leave this post with this...her favorite two photos. Gonna go cry myself to sleep now. I love you Tiny, Mary, Grandma, Nanny. xoxo

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