Friday, February 13, 2009

AWKWARD...Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to reunite at the one place they fell in love-Daytona

Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up! Daytona Beach News Journal reports that Tom Cruise will drive the Daytona 500 pace car for this Sundays race. He and wife Katie Holmes will be in Daytona at the same time where ex wife Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban (who will be performing). As discussed before Daytona Beach was the location for the movie Days of Thunder where Nicole and Tom first met and fell in love! Wont this make for an interesting driver meeting! What next, Katie's ex Chris Klein singing the National Anthem? Now I am sure everyone is happy for everyone blah blah blah but I dont see them dining pre race anytime soon! I dont care how many years have gone by, I am sure all parties involved would rather eat glass than do this! Awkkkkkkwaaaaaarrrrrdddddd! On the upside I hope they bring Suri, and a phonebook for Tom to sit on when he drives....sorry couldnt resist! Speaking of shortcomings, found the above image from The Sun...boy she likes them small and cute!


Savannah said...

wow that is right, had almost forgotten about that movie.
yeap this is major ackward.
and yes she loves short lil

Megan said...

Yes, this is one Drivers meeting that we will not miss out on!

Kristie R said...