Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Joe Nemechek checks in on tomorrow's Gatorade Duals posted an article today on the intensity of tomorrow's Gatorade Duals.

"Well, there's a lot of unknowns," Nemechek said. "I'd much
rather be
locked-in the show in one of those top-three qualifying spots --
unfortunately we're not there, so you've got to deal with what you

I adore Joe and admire all has given a lot to this sport. I wish him the best of luck tomorrow in qualifying...just hope his comments (which are usually taken out of context) doesn't have the karma fairy chasing him. Some of the "unknowns" racing against him tomorrow is a Rookie of the Year and several have Daytona 500 winning crew chiefs at their helm. Don't forget that I am fairly new to the sport, and if I can take a manicured finger down the list with recognition on almost all (who IS Carl Long?, googling now...) its looks like the word "unknown" might not have been the best choice. Anyone have a rabbit foot?

Lineup in the Gatorade Duals Race 1 and Race 2

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