Friday, February 13, 2009

Joey Logano asks for footies and perhaps a bedtime story for each race

Oh come on you are making it too easy for us today. In the midst of the hype of race week and the success of lots of great things to people we know that is putting incredible stress on our livers...the guys at Black Flagged Online scooped us on this but my god I dont know if it is because it is Friday or this is the first time in 6 days I havent been drinking or hungover on the track that I feel an urgency to comment.
Now, I must pretense that I dont mean to make fun of this poor little kid, but for all that is good and Petty stop making it so easy for us! Bravo to these guys for sharing our sense of humor. Enjoy the read and leave comments on what we could add to ease Joey Joeyerton into this big boy sport. First thoughts from the fashionistas? Maybe strapping a teddy bear in the passenger seat for comfort and maybe putting some milk instead of Gatorade In Car Drinking System...

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