Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is it really over???

So, WOW~ is this really the end of Speedweeks in Daytona? It seems like the girls and I were just celebrating Martin Truex Jr's pole win, one week ago, then all of a sudden...kapow! It is race day! Where did the time go? Today seemed to have flown by quicker then Maverick and Goose could sing Righteous Brothers songs, drinking cheap beer and whiskey!!

Speaking of ol Maverick.....yeah, we met him. Tom Cruise was the Grand Marshall of the race today and we had one of the right place at the right time moments and got to meet him. We were all equally impressed with how friendly he was. Imagine this, Megan (Miss shy, scardy cat) actually said to him "Hey Tom, I like your glasses". You can see why, since we were all "ROCKIN" the RAYBAN AVIATORS....she made the Maverick giggle.

So, moving on...still spinning from our Tom Cruise encounter, we realized we actually have a race today! Darlynn got to meet her idol, AJ Foyt, YAY! Uncle Pete will be so proud!!! Could this day get any better??? Yes it does! Megan looked up and was in inches of Tim Tebow. The shyness took over as she got cold feet but she still got to see him face to face.

The race was getting ready to start and it looked like the rain was not going to be an issue. We rushed down to pit road and met up with our friends, the #1 crew. Now we are underway, standing with the pole sitter, listening to the National Anthem, watching the flyby, seeing more Tom Cruise TMZ shots, etc. It's about time.....Lets Go Racin Boys!!!!!!!!

We were sitting in the #1 Bass Pro Shops pit when the race started. We were ecstatic that our boys lead lap number one of the 2009 Nascar Season!! Martin Truex Jr's pit box was a few spots away from our other favorite crew chief, Tommy Baldwin, the new proud owner of Tommy Baldwin Racing!! We are extremely excited for what the 09 Season is going to bring to them.

Now here comes the "this only happens to us" story of the night. As we were saying our goodbyes in the Driver/Owner lot, contemplating our escape route. We look out side and see TomKat and Suri getting ready to leave. It was suggested that we attach to the back of their police escort/motorcade. Ally is convinced at this point, Megan is 110% going to jail for what you see below. Yes, that is us following Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri out of the track, driving on the track, going 60 mph, in the opposite direction. We were hysterically laughing and Megs said she felt like she was Cole Trickle, following Cole Trickle...the irony here, really???

Goodnight and goodbye Speedweeks 2009. Our livers almost didn't make it...

We'll be on the couch next week for California, still in recovery mode - but, we are SOOOOO HAPPY that the 2009 Nascar Season has started!! Thanks to all our new friends on Twitter. We love it and hope you will continue to follow us.

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