Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ready to Race....???

Happy Race Day!!

Here we are at the track, hoping and praying and doing all sorts of Anti-rain dances! Darlynn, Megan and I are all wearing our hats today, as its foggy, cloudy and a little misty-ish in the air.

The crowds are packing in though!! The driver meeting is about to start, and the garage is full of excitement. Hope everyone has their fingers crossed that we WILL get a race in today!

Good thing is, the word around here is, we can race until midnight tonite if need this may turn out to be one looooonnnng day full of an assortment of flag colors! Green, Yellow, Red.....let's hope we see more of the Green!

More updates to come as we get underway here at Daytona!

-the girls
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