Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok Kids, Earmuffs! Sprint to offer pre race audio before All Star Race

Oh this is the best news for any fan! For the first time ever, NASCAR fans will be able to listen to pre-race conversations between drivers, crew chiefs and officials participating in the All-Star Race on May 16th.

The audio broadcast will be streamed to Sprint wireless devices via NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile, an application that enables race fans to get audio feeds, statistics, live televised races and more. The driver-meeting feed is being offered as a freebie to Sprint’s data customers.

NASCAR for years has offered live audio streaming of driver and crew communications. While we hope that they will soon be a little more fashionable, one reason so many fans wear headsets is to listen to the live audio during the race. But pre-race discussions have traditionally been off-limits.

According to the release, Sprint, an official NASCAR sponsor, came up with the idea of making these discussions available, on a one-time basis, in honor of the 25th running of the All-Star Race. They says NASCAR was initially reluctant, but finally agreed.

Um dur! While this will be a unique way to get a little closer to their fans, I can see initially why NASCAR was a wee bit hesitant. Usually these talks are full of poopy mouths, and I would imagine some pertinent information that other teams could pick up on. While I do not have Sprint, I am curious to see the feedback from this interaction! If you are looking for candor, we suggest you find the #88 feed, stat! He has the best mouth ever, haha!

This headset found on Amazon is definately fashionista worthy!

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