Friday, April 17, 2009

Best Western and Michael Waltrip looks for the nations most devoted NASCAR couple...cue banjos

Best Western International, the official hotel of NASCAR, and two-time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip are looking for the nation’s most devoted NASCAR couple. This lucky "All-Star" couple will win a trip to the 25th Running of the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race in Charlotte, North Carolina on May 16, 2009. Driver Michael Waltrip will preside over the renewal of the winning couple’s chosen vows, in true NASCAR fashion.

Through April 27, couples are encouraged to visit the Best Western Racing "All-Star" Couple promotional site and submit a brief story (1,000 words or less) about why they deserve to have their vows renewed during the All-Star Race weekend. Couples are encouraged to reflect on their devotion to NASCAR and each other—perhaps with anecdotes about how they met at the track, visited the races during their honeymoon, or watch the race together every weekend.

Entries submitted through the site will be judged by a Best Western panel of judges, including Waltrip. All entries will be judged on the compelling nature of their story, relevance of entry, and devotion to NASCAR. Once selected, the winning couple will receive round-trip airfare to Charlotte, lodging, tickets to the race and local transportation. As a bonus, Best Western will award the devoted couple with a travel card valued at $1,000 that can be used at any of the more than 4,000 Best Western properties worldwide—for a first, second, or tenth honeymoon, or to host incoming family and friends for that wedding on the horizon.

"NASCAR fans are some of the most passionate in sports and that passion extends to other areas of their lives, including travel and family," says Dorothy Dowling, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Best Western International.

Fans who join Best Western’s free Speed Rewards loyalty program for race fans earn points toward free nights and save an estimated 10 percent on every booking.

Source: Best Western International

God, I love days like wake up and woohoo something hysterical to write about from the get go! This is a great idea, but is Best Western ready to shake its head at the entries? Can you imagine the stories that will come out of this?? I already hear the theme song from the movie Deliverance! I am also laughing at the 1000 words or long does a story of this magnitude take? Im a little unnerved at the angle that they took, they would never try this in baseball would they? But, at the end of the day we do know how dediacated the Nascar nation can be-so this should be quite the contest. I also hope get to get some future coverage on this, Michael's input should be classic!


Herdman90 said...

I wish I had a reasonble chance at winning this, but I don't think I have a compelling enough story to tell. But Mikey is from my hometown, and he is my and the wife's favorite, driver. It would be fun to win.

Yeah. I can see "Jimmie Joe and Dannie Sue", the stereotypical hicks, winning the contest. But, hey, hicks love each other too.

King Diamond said...

I tell ya man, I saw her from across the barn wearing a worn out Dick Trickle T-shirt and my Daddy's overalls, and I thought, DAYMN my cousin looks soooo much better than my goat Betsy does. I knowd right then it was LUV. Our first date we went to MacDonalds and I got her a chicken MacNuggets happy meal with a candy ring inside. We Got'Er'Done in the parkin' lot, and six months later her Pa' was standin' at the alter with a shotgun. Yeee Hawww!!!