Monday, April 13, 2009

Runway Monday

Today's edition of Runway Monday will be different from the previous posts. I came across which is the old With my purse addiction, it may not surprise you that I have known about Bag Borrow for quite some time. What's shocking is that I have not used their services, My main reason being that I have separation anxiety from my possessions. The thought that I would fall in love with a bag that I was wasting money to "borrow" that I'd have to send back made me ill. Fear no more, they are offering a new service where now, a high percentage of your "rental" fees go towards the purchase of your bag.

It's freaking genius. I probably wouldn't be sitting here with my impractical Chanel bag (which I never carry and it cost more than my mortgage payment) if this option was available a few years ago. I wonder if the Aarons Dream Machine would like to pick Avelle up as a co-sponsor? I can see Michael Waltrip doing commercial spots for them now. Someone please stop me....

So now, I would like to introduce you to the Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM handbag, which I am considering to add to my purse collection. It's like high end layaway!

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