Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phoenix or Milan?

Photo Courtesy of Phoenix International Raceway

Phoenix is one of the few racetracks that I have not been to and I really want to make it out there sometime. I came across many interesting fan experiences this weekend while doing some research. So, I am planning an imaginary trip to go to what I hear is one of the best tracks to visit.

Let's say I have zero budget for my imaginary trip. Well, I can't go alone so I promised Keri she could tag along since she rarely gets to travel with me.

In the far away land of "Zoomtown U.S.A.", I start off the trip by paying $2,327 to be the Grand Marshall of the Jimmie Johnson 15o. I have always wanted to say the most famous words of racing, Gentleman Start Your Engines....oh and I just lost a friend being this is Darlynn's goal in life and I stole her thunder.

Since I am spending pretend money, we may as well pay $79 per person to attend the Grand Opening of the Budweiser Roll-Bar. According to the PIR website, The Roll-Bar is a innovative hospitality environment that includes a special VIP section for Budweiser guests, featuring high-end furniture on a raised platform. A number of unique custom structures – including a bar to house the No. 9 Budweiser Dodge driven by Kasey Kahne – will adorn the beer garden area to highlight the Budweiser branding seen throughout the club.

Now, the kicker. Instead of watching the race on pit road as I normally do, we will step it up Fashionista style. For $1,900 per person, we will enjoy VIP treatment at Phoenix International Raceways luxury lounge, Octane. We will enjoy a full-service concierge, feast at their sushi bar, watch a romantic sunset from a private veranda.....wait why am I getting all romantic w/ Keri? Back to dream world reality. This package includes unlimited food and beverage, live music, wine tasting and plush accommodations.

So far, we have spent:
$2,327 to be a Grand Marshall
$79 a person for the Roll-Bar grand opening
$1,900 a person for Octane
We haven't even discussed plane tickets or accommodations.
It's $400 a night to stay at the Wingham Resort and Spa which is located 10 miles from the track.
Flying coach from Daytona will be $700 per person. (Keri wanted to fly private but I had to remind her that we are under a recession and just because we had that lifestyle 2 years ago for Talladega, it doesn't mean we are doing so for Phoenix!).

So far, my imaginary 4 day trip to Phoenix has cost me $9,285!!

Sorry Phoenix but I would much prefer going to Milan for a week, staying at a 5 star hotel, with flight included for only $1,000 per person. We can go shopping in the Fashion Capitol of the World with the money we just saved. Buy a few designer bags, visit Leonardo DiVinci's Last Supper.....NOW WE'RE TALKING!

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Herdman90 said...

Being that we're playing with pretend money, I'm still going to PIR. But, that's just me. Arrivederci. Buon Viaggio!