Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can social networking help a driver make in into the All-Star race? You betcha!

As NASCAR is gearing up for The Sprint All-Star Race, we felt the need to put our two cents in. I attended the race last year and it turned out to be one of my favorite NASCAR events. I even have a scar from falling off the golf cart to remind me of the memories; just call me Jimmie Johnson Jr.!

There is a great group of drivers that have to be voted in or will need to race their way in. Over the last few months, the NASCAR fan community and Social Networking has taken off. We have done a few articles on Twitter and it seems to grow more and more everyday. You can view the various Twitter Guides for NASCAR through this link to our story.

If I happened to be a NASCAR PR manager, I would be promoting my driver like crazy to gain fan votes through Twitter, Facebook, etc. Just this morning, Tommy Baldwin Racing sent out an email through his Facebook page asking his fans to help vote Scott Riggs into the race. The Fashionistas have been plugging Martin Truex Jr. for the past week through Twitter and about three hours ago, David Ragan via UPS Racing reminded his fans to vote him in through his Twitter page.

It is time for everyone to join the Social Media bandwagon because in this new age, shaking hands and kissing babies may not be enough.

Is your favorite driver locked into the race? If not, who would you like to see make it in?

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Genna said...

Well @zwriter and I have begun our campaign "Root in Reutimann". We are determined! Love the post though!