Thursday, April 23, 2009

You could work, or you could play this addicting game for a chance to win a signed Kevin Harvick hat!

Shell has joined forces with ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the morning and sponsored an online driving game called The Road Race. The great people at Shell have been nice enough to offer a contest for the fans of NASCAR Fashionistas! This contest will last for 1 week, starting today. Click here to play Road Race (or at the Keving Harvick widget located at the top of our page). Whoever sends a screen grab with the highest score to will win an authentic Kevin Harvick autographed Shell hat!

Players can choose between two cars that match the personalities of ESPN Radio's on-air talent: Mike Greenberg (flashy sports car) or Mike Golic (rugged SUV). Points are accumulated as the racer navigates their way through a race course trying to avoid gunk and potholes that decrease the score and grab any Shell gasoline cans or Nitrogen Enriched fuel drops that add to the total points. It’s pretty addictive, and a great way to break up the day. We haven't worked today thanks to this game but don't worry, we aren't taking your prize.

1 comment:

Syd said...

At this moment, I regret not having children. I *so* need a teenager to win me this cap. LOL