Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PETA, please go back to throwing paint on my fur coat...

Source:AP Press

In the most ridiculous thing I have read all week, and yes that includes why they would even let Perez Hilton judge anything more serious than a pie eating contest...PETA is protesting mass chicken dance at NASCAR race in Alabama. PETA is taking on what it describes as a new affront to animals: NASCAR fans doing the chicken dance.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals asked Guinness World Records Inc. on Monday to ignore an attempt to set a world record for the largest group chicken dance at the Talladega Superspeedway, site of the Aaron's 499 race on Sunday.The reason? KFC is the sponsor of the record attempt, and the animal rights group says the fast-food company is cruel to chickens.A KFC spokesman defended the company's treatment of animals and said it hoped to get 125,000 race fans involved in the mass dance.

ps...i dont really have a fur coat.

pps....I think Miss California rocks, not for what she says, which isnt the point and to each his own or her own as it is...but its refreshing that she wasnt afraid to speak her mind...then again, it doesnt matter what I think because I dont have any business judging a Miss USA contest either...


Jennifer McKenzie said...

*shakes head*
PETA is kind of weird.
Oh, and Miss California? REALLY should have considered her audience.

Syd said...

I'm with you on Miss California. Whether I agree with her or not, that took some balls to stand by her convictions. I respect that.

PETA is ridiculous.