Friday, March 20, 2009

NASCAR Drivers in Television take II

As we mentioned here, it seems like NASCAR drivers are making more appearances on prime time and daytime television. Jeff Burton appeared on General Hospital this Wednesday and you can view a clip of it here
The drunk guy is talking about going to Atlanta Motor Speedway to work. Wouldn't it have made more sense to run this episode prior to the Atlanta race? Just saying...

A few drivers have lined up TV appearances since our original NASCAR drivers in Television blog.

Clint Bowyer will make a guest appearance on The Biggest Loser this Tuesday, March 24th (NBC)
Michael Waltrip will appear on My Name is Earl on April 30th (NBC)
Brian Vickers dined at Hells Kitchen as we mentioned here but we can't locate the airing date (FOX)

What show would you like to see your favorite driver appear on and why?

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