Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SNEAK PREVIEW: New Kevin Harvick Commercial

Our friends at MATTER, Edelman Sports & Entertainment on behalf of Shell sent us the following Kevin Harvick Shell Nitrogen Enriched commercial. You can view it here before it airs for the first time during qualifying at Bristol on Friday March 20th.

It’s not quite the showdown you’d see in a good Western, but Kevin’s dueling skills are certainly put to the test as he and one of the Shell Passionate Experts have it out at the pump. Speaking of Kevin and showdowns, I feel the need to post the Sprint All Stars poster. I thought this was pretty genius of NASCAR & Speed since the "headline fight" is none other than Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards...and how could anyone forget this?


David said...

It is amazing how many drivers have a really good camera presence. So many of them, like Harvick, are quite natural in commercials.

I miss those cheesy energy drink (or was it diet drink?) commercials with Kenny Wallace from a few years ago. With the flying saucer.

And where the heck are the All State girls and Kasey Khane? Are there no new ones this season, or have I TiVo-ed through them?

jae frm jersey said...

i love the "kyle busch vs. everybody" part of the poster... i really despise him.. anyway, they should've used Carl's real body in the poster... it's just as jacked... hehe