Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sponsors like Red Bank Outfitters gives hope to bad economy, sponsorship woes

From the Red Bank site, image by TDSwraps.com

Red Bank Outfitters remained a sponsor for the #36 Tommy Baldwin Racing car driven by Scott Riggs through the Vegas race, and they look to be on board for Atlanta. This is just another great story given this stupid economy that there are people and businesses that can come together and produce some positive results. Scott Riggs and the #36 Toyota is currently 41st in the 2009 Sprint Cup point standings.

According their website, Red Bank offers many opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast, including KOSC, Kids Outdoor Sports Camp which will be held this summer.

We applaud Red Bank for their sponsorship! Businesses like these who have stepped up to the plate with sponsorship dollars during these difficult times should be supported wholeheartedly. Sure you can drink your Coke and fill your car with Sunoco while talking on your Sprint phone but its the mom and pop businesses like Red Bank who do the right thing and should be rewarded by the support of the NASCAR fanbase. They need to see the direct benefit of being a sponsor, and the benefits of branding their business with this sport. We hope you as the reader and the NASCAR nation as a whole does their part by supporting them!

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