Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Happy Hour!

Zing Zang has the best Bloody Mary mix you will ever purchase. All three of us used to be bartenders and consider ourselves Bloody Mary connoisseurs. I refused to buy a premade mix until I tried Zing Zang. Most grocery stores carry it so do yourself a treat and pick up a bottle next time you are shopping. Enjoy this cocktail while following along with Happy Hour here!

The best thing about Bloody Marys is that you can put anything you like in them. I personally like to put a pickle in mine. Darlynn likes shrimp in is like an alcoholics shrimp cocktail.

Fashionista Bloody Mary
Grey Goose or Kettle One
Zing Zang
Celery Stalk and whatever else your heart desires

Place a celery stalk in a highball glass fill with ice. Combine 1/2 vodka and 1/2 mix.



z. Smith said...

I love Bloody Marys - especially when I dress her up like a salad!

Syd said...

I'll second the Zing Zang accolades. Don't forget the beer chaser, though.