Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greg Biffle Interview from Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Greg Biffle NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion Interview – Las Vegas Motor Speedway
The following is a transcript of the Q&A with Greg Biffle following his victory Saturday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway provided by Nationwide Insurance, title sponsor of the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Greg Biffle had an interesting afternoon in Las Vegas during the third 2009 Nationwide series race, the Sam’s Town 300. First he had a cold, was caught speeding before running out of gas and then fought for the lead with two laps to go against Carl Edwards.

Greg Biffle: You know he was uh he had a pretty good run on me coming off turn two and uh I tried to keep him behind me but he snuck inside me about half way down the backstretch and so then I just figured I’d run the top down the three and four because I knew um my car would run across the top but I felt like I could beat him being on the top side so I arced a way out and kept it flat and then uh pulled down a little on his door in the middle of the corner. There not a lot of run when you’re too wide anyway but he got loose underneath me and then I moved up to the edge of the black because I wasn’t sure if he was gonna get in the side of me. Uh I don’t know how loose he was uh I just heard him coming out of the gas.

Biffle cruised through the final lap to grab his 19th career Nationwide series victory. Edwards says that he did not cut Biffle any slack just because they were teammates.

Carl Edwards: For a win we all race really hard, uh Greg would race me extremely hard and I did the same with him and you know you just want to race as hard as you and try not to cause a problem because you know right now we’re 1 and 2 and we coulda been backed in the wall and that woulda been really bad so uh I guess in a way you race your teammate maybe a little bit differently more than that you’re able to swallow it if he beats you a little more you know what I mean it’s not that you don’t race him differently it’s just that you can accept it if he beats you.
It was a wild race with 12 cautions and two red flags from multi-car may legs. Top drivers spun also spun wrecking all by themselves.

Brian Vickers talks about why so many drivers lost control of their Nationwide series machines.

Brian Vickers: These cars you’re sitting your trying to run wide open uh around this track uh with these car with no power no horse power not a ton of down force and uh you know it’s all about momentum. You know and you gotta keep it free, gotta keep it on the right rear and you gotta keep it turning’ to run wide open and uh I think everyone was just pushing’ that to the limit and uh a couple guys didn’t hold on to it and and you saw a lot of crashes.

Brendan Gaughan is one point ahead of Bush while this is Biffle’s first Nationwide series victory since California in 2006.

Biffle: You know you race 15, 20, 18 races a year. It’s hard to catch up to those guys that you know. Whether they run 15 to 18 races, if they’re better than you it makes it difficult to close in on them, you know and there have been some teams that have been a little bit better than us. You know we’re starting to close that gap a little bit.

The Nationwide Series will take a couple weeks off before heading to Bristol, TN.

To see the video race review of the Las Vegas race, go to and click On Your Side Race Review. To hear the audio, go to and click On Your Side Race Review and follow to "Listen to post-race interview."

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