Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If dating Dale Jr is the best thing you can put on your resume....mazel tov!!

Dale Jr's ex to compete in America's Next Top Model newest season.
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No, no it isn't me; Kortnie Coles a 24 year old "non profit" organizer from Houston TX will be one of the contestants on the America's Next Top Model. This "Cycle 12" premires tonight on the CW network. True Dale Jr fans may remember her as one of the 17,000 supermodels that he has dated in the past. Its frightening when you google both their names the angst and uproar that is out there still over this pairing. Good luck to her and all the contestants on tonights show, sigh.


maria said...

Hmm, after seeing her there's no hope of me catching Dale Jr! ;) Lol. Not that there ever was. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how she and the other's do.

RaceGirl00007 said...

if one of the challenges is taking pictures of yourself on the toliet, there's no way Kortnie will lose!