Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Too early to predict the chase? Maybe, maybe not.

Approaching the 4th race of the 2009 season with 32 to go, I decided to crunch a few numbers being I was named the statistical one of the group. I wanted to see where the standings were going into last years Atlanta spring race. Amazingly enough, 7 of the 12 drivers this time last year made it into the 2008 chase. Jimmie Johnson, the 2008 (& 2007, 2006) Sprint Cup winner was not in that category.

Pre-Atlanta 2008, the top 12 went as follows in point standings (their final standings are side noted & everyone that didn't make it in is red)
1. Kyle Busch (finished the season 10th)
2. Ryan Newman (finished the season 17th)
3. Kasey Kahne (finished the season 14th)
4. Kevin Harvick (finished the season 4th)
5. Greg Biffle (finished the season 3rd)
6. Jeff Burton (finished the season 6th)
7. Carl Edwards (finished the season 2nd)
8. Martin Truex Jr (finished the season 15th)
9. Elliot Sadler (finished the season 24th)
10. Dale Earnhardt Jr (finished the season 12th)
11. Tony Stewart (finished the season 9th)
12. Kurt Busch (finished the season 18th)

The 5 drivers out of the top 12 going into Atlanta 08, who made it into the chase were:
Jimmie Johnson was 14th (finished season 1st)
Jeff Gordon was 23rd (finished season 7th)
Clint Bowyer was 24th (finished season 5th)
Denny Hamlin was 20th (finished season 8th)
Matt Kenseth was 16th (finished season 11th)

Cick here for the 2009 current standings.

Who outside of the current top 12 would you want to see in the 2009 Chase For the Sprint Cup? I am going to go ahead and state the obvious, there are a lot of dark horses in the current top 12. We would love your input!!

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