Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whats in the water in Atlanta??

As we head to Atlanta for this week, I wonder why this race doesnt get more notoriety? Acording to its Speedway's website, their city hosts the second highest number of hometown drivers, next to California. This really surprised me! There seems to be a brand new batch of up and coming drivers and a crop of them are coming from the Dirty South. Reed Sorrenson and David Ragan call Atlanta their home. Even Joey Lagano who was born in Connecicut, moved to Georgia (not for racing mind you, but to further his sister's figure skating career!) and began to race in the Southern racing divisions. If any of these boys need some inspiration, they should look to Mr. Atlanta himself, Mr. Bill Elliott. Awesome Bill has spent three decades shaping the future for these boys. He will be using provisional points to race this weekend in his hometown. Atlanta may not have the hype of a Daytona or a Talladega but Atlanta holds its own if nothing more than to see some of these drivers on the track that started their career.
In case you were looking for a inexpensive way to see this weekends race in person check out Kobalt Tools Buy 1 Ticket Get 1 Free: According to the Atlanta Motor Speedway, when you make a purchase of $25 or more at Lowe's, customers get a FREE ticket with the purchase of a regular ticket to Sunday's race. Tickets are good for seats in the Petty Grandstand, up to a $95 value.(While supplies last.)


Anonymous said...

he qualified on speed idiot

Nascarfashionistas said...

I am assuming you are referring to Bill Elliot since your comment was so articulate. This was written before Qualifying and if he didn't make it on speed, he would have gotten a past champions provisional. If you don't understand what a provisional is, take a look It's bad karma to call strangers idiots, especially when they weren't wrong. Thanks.